Yeah it’s the weekend.

Yeah it’s the weekend…Happy Days are here again.            images (72)

Hey stupid. What’s all the noise about, keep it down I’m trying to sleep

It is the weekend, which can mean only one thing.

Oh good. You’re leaving to join another pack, hopefully far away.

No, no, no my friend, you’ve got it all wrong…the weekend is for reading.

Yeah right, and just what are you reading my furry friend?

Ha ha haa, that’s an easy question…I’m reading Blood Moon over Africa

Oh great, as if we don’t have enough troubles of our own already, brilliant here has to go and read Blood Moon over Africa, just what we need, another moon in the sky, one makes it hard enough to hunt as it is.

No my friend, you have the wrong end of the Zebra, you’re at the tail again…I downloaded Blood Moon over Africa onto my Kindle from, it was as easy as one two, three, even you could do it                   images (75)

Hey wait a minute, you calling me stupid?

Oh laugh it off man, and join the club, we all know we are meant to be stupid, just some of us are worse than others.

Meaning what hey, just what are you suggesting?

What I am saying my spotted friend is that SMASHWORDS is for ALL Ereading Devices, including Nook, iPad, Kindle, and More!

You mean I can read Blood Moon over Africa this weekend as well.

What a laugh, of course you can, go to              images (70)

or and download your own copy, look at me my tongue is hanging out just waiting to get between the pages, and I might share a nice fat Zebra with you, but I draw the line as far as Blood Moon over Africa is concerned…get your own…now…you will never look back and regret it.


Just Me

images (15)

Hi All and sorry to disappoint, it is not Piet van Zyl, I have put him back in his box for now, but I had to promise him that if any ladies request him then I have to comply and release the burly South African to do his thing, and if any guys request him…to keep him in his box.

Well, one thing that I have always enjoyed was going into a book store and wondering along the shelves looking at all the amazing titles, the awesome covers and the numerous different names that jumped out at you, and finally choosing one to take home and getting lost between the covers. I had and still have my favourite’s authors, and just accepted it that they were born to write, and by their writing, entertain you. Never for one minute did I ever imagine that I would one day join this group of people that have this wonderful gift, and through this blog, I would like to say THANK YOU to all of you who kick started me, had faith in me, supported me and most of all believed in me. I have met some amazing people since I started this journey, and I would like to say that each one of you is special.

How did I start writing, quite by accident? I had an idea that had been floating around in my head for a number of years, and every now and then would talk about it, until my number one supporter, my wife challenged me to put pen to paper. What I said under my breath cannot be repeated as I was told that I would not see it through, and so just to prove her wrong I started, thinking that it will end up as a  short story, a couple of pages, and that should be enough to keep her quite.

Well, it was as if a tap had been opened and the story just flowed. I ate, slept, and dreamt Blood Moon over Africa until it was completed, but the story does not end there. Within two days I was back at the keyboard, off on a Blood Spoor, throwing poor Piet back into the thick of things, but he is the last person you need to worry about, as n Boer maak n plan.

All I can say is that I have been very blessed…the words just flow and I hope that all of you who have read Blood Moon over Africa enjoyed it enough to follow Blood Spoor in the Dark when Vanilla Heart Publishing releases it.

Interview with Piet van Zyl

Hello everyone, I am sitting here on the banks of the great Zambezi River, surrounded by the wilds of Africa, and across from me, larger than life is none other than our Great White Hunter and Safari owner, Mr Piet van Zyl…Now Piet…tell me, we all want to know, what made you Hijack Paul Zunckels Blog?

You see Jackie, that oke hijacked me out of my lekker, I mean nice comfortable lifestyle, and without even asking, threw me into all types of sh.., sorry I mean trouble, I mean who wants that type of trouble hey.

So you are upset with him then?

Heck no ways Jackie, I have not had so much fun in a long time, plus I get the groupies.

So, what made you choose this types of lifestyle?

Ja well, Jackie, you see I have always loved the bush and the animals, and as you know my safari is to capture them on film…not sommer skiet… ag sorry man, I mean not just shoot them because they are there.

Now I am sure people want to know Piet, how did you get involved in the story, Blood Moon over Africa?

You know Jackie, that was all very strange man, I mean one minute here I am minding my own business, keeping an eye on my clients.. .and then suddenly I am at Lusaka Airport meeting David and his bride, Adele… don’t ask me how I got there but it happened, fok.. .ag excuse me, sorry.

That is okay Piet, you must just be yourself here, nothing to worry about, the people want to meet the real Piet.

Right okay, now as I was saying, I collected David and Adele from the airport. He had inherited a smallholding out in the bush, and that is when all the funny stuff started to happen.

Like what Piet?

No birds there, no animals… very strange, it spooked me you know… did not feel right, Ja and the nonsense did not stop there I tell you… it was… how you say in English… ja… a roller coaster ride.

Carry on Piet, tell us more.

Well first it was that crocodile story, I mean something did not like that croc and tore it to bloody pieces… then that thing that visited David and Adele… bloody quick hey… I tell you, those two were brave to stay there.

Tell me more about the crocodile Piet.

Nee Jackie, ag I mean no… It’s like this; if you want to know more you need to read Blood Moon over Africa.

Alright I understand, but tell us a bit more Piet… wet our appetite for a great read. I understand you guys had a run in with a hippo.

Man  that was close hey, but you have to watch the hippo, that animal does not take nonsense, and ja we all got wet hey… bloody crocs though we were being served up for lunch.

Tell us something about the creature that you encountered.

Man you okes ask a lot of questions you know… ja well we put up some cameras round the house to see what was causing the problems, bliksem I tell you Jackie, when we saw that thing on film it turned my blood cold… heck the lady at the photo shop thought we were shooting a horror movie.

So you are telling me that this really happened?

Jackie, one thing I do not do is lie, that bloody thing was as real as you and me sitting here, something out of a damn nightmare… I tell you Africa is full of superstitions and mystery… you never know what you are going to come across next… mix in some witchcraft, a curse and man you’ve got trouble on your hands… and this bloody oke, Paul Zunckel…he went and threw all of us in the deep end… lucky he had Veronica come and help, but between you and me, that author oke had better watch out.

Why is that Piet?

He never asked me if I want to be dragged all over the bloody bush.  Here I am minding my own business and that of my clients. He just sommer threw me in head first, just as well n Boer maak n plan hey.

Can you add anything else?

Ja okay, but this is off the record… this Paul Zunckel is not a bad oke you know… he did take us on a rollercoaster ride, and he has done it more than once I tell you, heck this Blood Moon over Africa is just the start… check out for more information.

Well thank you Piet, and enjoy your day.

My pleasure Jackie, oh and one more thing, since he wrote Blood Moon over Africa, I have been getting fan mail… don’t tell Peggy hey… if the ladies hear about this they will never let it go, I mean between Peggy, Veronica and Adele they give me a hard time… but the wheel turns… and my time will come… watch.   images (71)

Introducing Piet van Zyl

Ja well just where do I start with this introduction to me. Me being Piet van Zyl, safari owner out there in the bush in Zambia…okay, okay, I now know where to start…at the beginning hey?          Piet

Right, I must tell you I heard of this oke, Paul Zunckel, and that baffled me because I don’t even know Paul, but  as  I always say, “n Boer maak n plan.” and for those of you who are English speaking it means “an Afrikaner always makes a plan,” so  there I  was going onto the Internet… man I had to ask Peggy to help me out, but between us we got it right, and I ended up at this bloody link…ja okay here it is… and what do you know, there the oke’s name is, and a book called Blood Moon over Africa, so I follow another link…I tell you it is just like tracking a bloody leopard, jump from here to there, just  to get where you are going, but in the end I found what I wanted and downloaded the book… I tell you this oke Paul, he can write hey, and the story, man I was glad I was not there…ag no man, wait a minute, I was there… you don’t know that do you, ah now I understand, you have not read Blood Moon over Africa yet. Well” moenie worrie nie,” and for the English speaking people out there it means “don’t worry,” I will share the link with you, and do yourselves a favour, read the bloody book so you can come up to speed, at least then we can call each other friends hey… here is the link just for you okes that are missing out…

Now that we got that out the way, let me tell you, I like this oke, Paul Zunckel, I mean he tells a good tale hey, but I like the idea of being a chick magnet, and all those young ladies that come on safari thinking that the Big White Hunter is on the menu as well… I tell you, I have to stay on my toes out there,  some of them give a Man-eating lion a bad name, ja but what can I say, if you’ve got it…you got it, but then once again if you have not read Blood Moon over Africa you will have no idea what I am talking about, ag shame man, your loss hey, but like I said earlier, do yourself a favour and go to and read all about me.

I was shocked you know, I went to this Paul Zunckels Face Book page…ag okay man here is the link Paul’s Facebook Page so I could follow him and make sure he does not take me into anymore out of the way places, and bloody hell what does this oke do, the next minute I am in the bloody Congo, ja but we will leave that for another time. I see that he is in very good company all round but the point I am trying to make is that I found some Erotic Authors on his page… Phew I am just an oke that lives in the bush, but anyway I figured that maybe they need some inspiration from Africa so here it is.       images (18)               …the only animal in Africa with a permanent horn…The Rhino.

Oh that photo on the top is not mine…I don’t look like that, I am better looking.  Okay I am out of here…another Land Rover full of clients have just arrived, from Sweden this time, so I will say Baie Dankie en Tot Siens…okay man, it means Thank You and Good Bye…Time to slip back into the Big White Hunter mode…just between you and me…as long as Peggy does not catch me, after all I have a reputation to maintain. You ask, who is Peggy…Read the book.

The Witchdoctor

The full moon shone down, throwing shadows all around the area as I slowly approached the single grass hut, the fire from inside throwing out flickering shadows on the ground, the hyena tethered to a wooden stake outside the entrance glared at me, its eyes full of hate as it slunk away from my hesitant approach.

With my heart in my mouth, I entered the foul smelling dwelling, taking in the vision of the witch doctor as he squatted next to a pot of a foul smelling substance, throwing bones onto a mat made from the skin of snakes.

He fixed me with an evil glare in the firelight, a toothless grin on his face as he invited me to sit in the dirt opposite him, and once I had crossed his palm with silver, he bade me to speak.

“I told the witch doctor you didn’t love me true”                                                 images (68)

“I told the witch doctor you didn’t love me nice”

“And then the witch doctor, he gave me this advise”


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His maniac cackle hung in the air as he threw this at my back at I left the dwelling.

Coming soon to a Kindle near you: More Great Books in Blood Trilogy


I left that foul smelling dwelling, with one thing one my mind, I need to read BLOOD MOON OVER AFRICA, and as I passed the hyena outside, it glared at me, and its high pitched laugh followed me as I slunk back into the shadows, thankful that I owned a Kindle.

The image of the hyena will stay with me forever.    images (73)

Making Waves

images (67)

Hey, Firstly I would like to say I am sorry I messed up the surfing, I did not mean to stir up the water, or make waves, but I saw this guy and decided to fin over his way and get directions.

You sea, oops I mean see, I am not from around here and was looking for Africa because the word is out that Blood Moon over Africa has just been released, and I am deep into reading, I really like something I can get my teeth into, if you know what I mean…wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

All he had to do was tell me yes…not punch me, but that’s now history, and then give me directions to the nearest Kindle, you know I eat up anything, and I have a huge appetite for a good read.

Anyway, I found it without his help, and to show you that I am a misunderstood good guy, I will share it with you…now don’t get into deep water, or make waves like I did…just go to these links, and Blood Moon over Africa can be yours.

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Pissssst…before I go, I hear this one’s got teeth too.    images (68)

Take The First Step:Follow The Trilogy

Blood Moon Over Africa                                                      BMOA Cover

Book 1 of The Blood Trilogy

by Paul Zunckel

Africa, a place where superstition and witchcraft runs deep, a place of beauty, but where death lurks in the shadows. A land shrouded in mystery, with ancient beliefs simmering just beneath the surface – set on a collision course with modern western ideas.

An innocent act unleashes a horror that walks the African night… under the full moon… and nothing is safe.

Piet van Zyl, safari owner, finds himself drawn into a world of witchcraft, and face to face with a horror returned from the grave. With the support of Veronica Strydom, with her vast knowledge of African Culture, he must rid the night of the abomination, or die trying.

More Great Books in Blood Trilogy

Blood Spoor in the Dark                                                                           Spoor

Book 2 of Blood Trilogy

by Paul Zunckel



Modern  Africa… ancient beliefs. With fear, comes power. Travel deep into the Congo Basin with Piet van Zyl, safari hunter, and Veronica Strydom, African culture expert, as they are drawn deeper into the web of superstitions and fear.

Come face to face with The Secret Sect that has emerged from the dark past and now walks the night.

Experience the superstitions, rituals, and witchcraft of the killers known as The Leopard Men, as history repeats itself in an orgy of ritual murders and blood lust.

Blood Demon: Revenge                                                             Demon

Book 3 of Blood Trilogy

by Paul Zunckel

One man with a desire for revenge that blinds him, and in the end is his undoing, as he unleashes his demon to walk and hunt under the African moon.

Pure evil, that walks in the African bush. An evil that devours – called up from the darkness of hell in a ritual that involves flesh and blood…

Piet van Zyl finds himself on the receiving end of madness as he confronts the Blood Demon that threatens the very lives of those he loves.

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In Black and White

I say have you heard?                                                                         download (3)

Heard what?

Blood Moon over Africa was released on Friday.

Released you say, heck I did not even know it was locked up.

No silly, the book, the book.

What book?

Blood Moon over Africa.

Oh that book, they say it is good.

Well you heard it from the horse’s mouth.

In that case, I’m off to get my copy.                                            images (38)

Where, where?

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Bloody know it all…                                    images (33)

Just a Taste

Blood Moon over Africa    BMOA Cover

Adele stifles a scream that rises in her throat, she feels the bile rush up and threaten to choke her, she swallows, her breathing coming in rapid gasps, and she feels as if her heart is now in her mouth, sweat breaks out all over her body, she feels hot and realizes that she’s starting to hyperventilate. This can’t happen, if she hyperventilates, she’ll lose control and if she loses control she stands a very good chance of being bitten, and with no one to help her, she’s on her own.


The snake moves slowly along the top of the door, in no rush to go anywhere. Adele slows her breathing, her eyes never leaving the unwelcome visitor, and time moves on. She has no idea of time. She doesn’t wear a wrist watch, and even if she did, she’s stuck and too scared to move. She realizes that she needs to stay as still as possible, and not attract the snake’s attention which is a bit hard when you are sitting bare arsed on the seat of a long drop toilet. They are not built for comfort, she thinks.

The sun beats down, turning the outhouse into a mini sauna. Sweat runs into her eyes and burns, her shirt sticks to her body, her nose itches, and she has the urge to cough. She manages to swallow instead of cough, but her throat is dry, and feels like sandpaper. The heat is now intense, and Adele starts to feel faint. She’s slowly dehydrating and the snake has made no move to leave. Then, in the distance, she hears the roar of a motor and the sounds of a vehicle entering the yard.

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Load Your Kindle, and Start the journey.

Blood Moon Over Africa

Book 1 of The Blood TrilogyKindle

by Paul Zunckel

Africa, a place where superstition and witchcraft runs deep, a place of beauty, but where death lurks in the shadows. A land shrouded in mystery, with ancient beliefs simmering just beneath the surface – set on a collision course with modern western ideas.

An innocent act unleashes a horror that walks the African night… under the full moon… and nothing is safe.

Piet van Zyl, safari owner, finds himself drawn into a world of witchcraft, and face to face with a horror returned from the grave. With the support of Veronica Strydom, with her vast knowledge of African Culture, he must rid the night of the abomination, or die trying.

To follow shortly, the saga continues.  SpoorDemon