Introducing Piet van Zyl: Adventure Thrillers

The first in the series is now out and available  through @ PvZ Adventure Thriller SW series cover

Piet van Zyl steps into the dark of Africa to hunt down a serial killer who has developed a taste for the easiest prey of all…man. Join Piet in his quest to make the world a safer place…follow him as he hunts:

The Devil in EdenLogo 2

A Piet van Zyl Adventure Thriller

When the African night is at its darkest, he hunts the very men who hunt him.


Piet van Zyl, safari hunter, must leave his wife, Peggy, alone at their smallholding. He must confront a killer lurking in the shadows, called Devil by the terrified people it preys upon.

A fast paced thriller that takes you on the hunt for a man-eater, and leads you into the night, from where you might not return.


A real African Thriller!

“I’d read Paul Zunckel’s Blood Moon Trilogy and was very happy to receive the ARC for The Devil in Eden from the publisher. The Devil in Eden adds to the incredible suspense and African cultural interests in those three books, with a ‘devilish’ plotline of African animals, the workings of cultural fears, and a fantastic setting of the varied sceneries of African life. Great job, Paul! I am looking forward to all the next in this series! ”

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