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Hi Everyone, and once again I welcome you.2(1)

Reviews are so important to an author, and as you all know a good review…an honest review is like gold and the thing is they are so hard to come by…why? Not because the book in question is bad but because most readers out there in this big wide world of our do not have the time to go back and do a review or else do not realize just how important their feedback is to the author.12003371_700178953446259_1368152052017028245_n

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools that an author can hope for. It is all well and good shouting out from the top of a skyscraper about the books that you have written…but in reality that does not drum up sales, after all you are beating your own drum…far better if someone else beats it for you.11224052_1075405575804918_3075480545506251439_n

That brings me to my point for today…SUPPORT.

By way of this media I would like to say Thank you to all that are Friends on Facebook and all that are out there on Twitter. The support that I have received has been mind boggling…the number of shares my books get on Facebook…the number of RT’S and Likes on Twitter is really awesome…plus a huge Thank you to everyone out there that follows me on Twitter.

Now just a bit of news regarding my sixth Piet van Zyl Adventure Thriller…Cry of the Fish Eagle…CotFE CVR 1dFsoon to be released by Vanilla Heart Publishing. There is no need to get any feathers ruffled…the book is due for release soon…by the 24/8/2016 and just too wet your appetite…here is a small taste of what is to come.


 The wind whips up dust devils, throwing the burnt ashes up into the clear blue African sky as the convoy of trucks slowly move into the area behind the burnt out remains of what was once David and Adele’s home, to be greeted by the bark of baboon high up on the kopjes surrounding the area.

The work on the smallholding is slow under the burning sun, as the men labour their bodies gleaming with the perspiration running in rivulets down their bodies. The sound of singing fills the air as brick by brick; the remains of the house are removed, until all that is left is the foundations and concrete flooring.

The first pickaxe hits the foundations; the shock of the blow runs up the handle. Vibrating in the hands of the man that holds the instrument, the pickaxe is raised up high, and brought down again, bits of brick and concrete flying. Soon there is a line of men attacking the foundations, striking again and again the vibrations sending ripples of shockwaves down into the soil beneath the foundations.

The earth below shifts slowly moves and then settles, small stones fall into the cavern below, striking the rocky floor, and bounce like marbles, the sound echoing along the dark lightless passage.

Something stirs in the darkness, a rustle, the sound of dry leaves being rubbed together, a hiss like gas escaping and then silence falls once again joining the pitch blackness of the underground tomb.


The man wakes with his body covered in perspiration, looks about the gloomy interior of the hut catching his breath as if he had been running from something; something in his dream. The smell from the wood fire fills his nostrils as he breathes in deeply allowing his head to clear, remnants of his dream hanging in the air.

He feels fear, not for himself but for the others, the white hunter will die if he is not warned. The one that walked in the darkness is in grave danger for he has the strength that the other one will seek.

The wizard pulls his crippled body from the bed, drags himself over to the remains of the fire, starts to feed the flames and as they dance in the gloom of the hut he chants, his body swaying like a cobra waiting to strike.

A powder is added to the flames, blue and green colours mingle with orange and red, and a strong stench fills the hut as the wizard inhales the smoke. His eyes roll back in their sockets his body goes into a spasm as he sees what the ancestors reveal.

The man loses consciousness, drool running from his mouth as his body twitches in spasms. The words “Venit diabolus” hang in the stillness of the hut.

Outside in the clearing the hyenas howl their anguish and flee into the dense African bush.



There you have it…I hope that you are ready…it could be a touch scary, but then again you never know what is watching from the shadows….and this is Africa where death lurks in the dark…so, Take Care and Stay safe.images (31)

The Bird House

Hello everyone, and once again Thanks for joining me here.images (4)

To blog or not to blog, that is the question and I have only been doing this now for just on one year and still in the learning curve of what it is all about…heck my head is still in the clouds since signing with Vanilla Heart Publishing, but believe me, even though I am reaching for the stars, my feet are still on the ground.

For those of you who do not know where I live it is no secret… I live in South Africa; on the Eastern Cape coast with bush all around us…a couple of log homes scattered through the area and if and when we need supplies…it is a thirty kilometer trip into the nearest town, which brings me to the subject of this blog.

BIRDS…Not the kind we find on the beach on a summers day but the feathered kind that have prompted me to rename our home from The Dog House to The Bird House. It all started with my lovely wife putting out bread crumbs for all the small creatures that come out at night, and then she found that seed was attracting birds to our house and what started out as a once a day feed for them has developed into an almost full time occupation.

Bird feeders’ all over the bush that surrounds our home and it is amazing just how tame these wild birds get. Heck they even come calling and announce themselves when they arrive, and that is since cheese has been introduced to the buffet that is put out for them. The interior of our home has been inspected a couple of times by our feathered visitors…fly in…look around…fly out until the next time.

The main culprit is the Drongo…these guys are so intelligent. They come when we call…”Hey Tweet, where are you?” and within a minute we have three or four of these birds landing near us…Lucie talks to them and they tweet in response…and when they arrive we get a call…almost like…’Hey I’m here, where is the cheese?’ and once they have had their fill, they leave with a Thank you tweet…until next time.

The truth of the matter is that these birds keep my wife on the hop…they love peanut butter, cheese, bread crumbs as well as the wild bird seed we manage to buy in town…in fact life is so good, the minute the sun rises, we have birds gathering, waiting to see what is on the menu for the day, and as a reward, we have birds in the surrounding bush all day long. Their songs just never stop and it is awesome.

In fact I have it on good authority that the local weaver gang are relocating their nests…closer to the house…as long as they stay outside…Pooch will only tolerate so much.

Below are pictures of the invasion of the birds…Enjoy them as much as we do.

A Bird 1

The Weaver.

The Drongo a bird 2        a bird 3

The Mouse Bird a bird j (4)

The Shrikea bird dfs

The Oriel A BIRD FD(4)

The Bulbula bird d (4)      a bird e

The Bishopa bird s         a bird r

The Wag-TailA BIRD GHY      a bird n (4)

The Southern Masked Weaver   A bIRD

The Fly Catcher a bird f (4)

The Hoopoo A bird hopo

Hope you enjoyed the birds, we do and remember stay safe and take care, you never know what is watching from the shadows….Sleep Tight.

If Life Gives You Lemons

Hi Everyone,Cd4ca8GWoAAkylT

You know the saying, “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”…Well that is just what happened on Tuesday to yours truly…I got a huge lemon thrown at me in the shape of my courageous 1995 Toyota Corolla deciding that it has had enough and packing up along the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere.

All I had for company on this lonely stretch of road was bush all around and a herd of cows who all gathered at the fence to watch the outburst display, but I guess they must have been disappointed as there was no outburst, just acceptance. I mean throwing my toys out of the cot would have achieved nothing…the car had died.

No noise, no bang…just enough is enough…the engine cut out and that was that. Me and cars, I will admit, I can change a tire…a fan belt at a push but that is as far as it goes…not my calling.

Luckily I live in an area where people are friendly, they help each other and of course no one goes anywhere without their mobile so it was call up a friend, and thirty minutes later I was being towed back towards the sanctuary of home.

On arrival the prophets of doom gathered,c (5) like vultures circling a lion’s kill. Each one offering their advice on what has decided to give up the ghost. Battery is flat; starter motor has packed up, and so on until a hero appeared on the horizonbff9e26a6ad89f04cfe21687f1a2de67 in the form of a neighbor who lives behind our home.

Before I could blink another one arrived and suddenly my poor car had her guts ripped from her, hoses hanging here and there, nuts and bolts over in a tin and suddenly the reason was obvious to the trained eye…my timing belt had broken…okay now we have problems…this is going to cost.

I covered my ears…don’t talk about cost to a man who earns a living from writing. images (93)Opening my eyes slowly I focused on Willem…a big grin on his face. Not to worry he says, I love taking engines apart and I will have this baby purring before too long.

Well today is Sunday, and he removed the whole engine on Wednesday…took it into civilization on Thursday…paid for the work at an engineer’s workshop, bought the spares needed including new spark plug cables as he noticed mine were rather old and came back home in the dead of the night.

Friday he helped himself to the shell of my Toyota, (I was playing…walk the dog) and started to put the engine back together again, with the help of his wife…the two of them assembled the motor on a table.

Saturday it was into the engine compartment…join the hoses, use the clamps…Where did this bolt go? Etc, etc and before long my faithful companion of many miles seemed to smile…now we needed to start her…cough cough  splutter and then fire…the engine is running better than ever before, but she will not idle on her own so it is back to the drawing board…

Sunday…rest day…no work on the car but we know what the problem is…the new look motor needs to be tuned, do oil change, new oil filter and with a little bit of luck and Willem’s passion for engines I should be back on the road soon.

The point of all of this is that you never know when you are going to need the help of someone along the walk of life so cherish those that you do have. They say kindness is always repaid by kindness so I guess that I have once again been blessed…and prayers are answered…sometimes not as quickly as we would like, but they are answered.

I asked Willem how much it is going to cost me? His answer , with a smile on his face was…”just pay for the parts and the work done at the engineers and give me a signed copy of your next book, CotFE CVR 1dFat least one day I can say I helped out a well known Author.”

That boggles my mind…if my car had gone into a workshop images (32)they would have made a killing, firstly charging me per hour…stretching out the work, charging me for the parts, and I would have been lucky if I was driving again by the end of the month…but thank you to a Good Samaritan, that is not going to happen…Oh by the way, I will keep you posted, but in the mean time you can go off and buy my books…who knows, I just might need those extra sales…lol.

Thank you and take care, you never know when your car is going to decide…enough is enough, and if that is not enough to worry about, You never know what is watching from the shadowsimages (33)…in my case it was cows…this time, after all I live in Africa.

One Year.

Hello All,images (49)

I can’t believe it, one year has passed since I became a member of the wonderful family called Vanilla Heart Publishing, and believe me, it has been an awesome year under the amazing guidance of K’lee, and I have learnt so much over the past twelve month and not only that so much has happened.

The support that I have received has been overwhelming, the advice and the awesome encouragement has just pushed me onward to more writing. It is something that I never saw myself as…an author, but I guess you can call me that now, even if I view myself as The Accidental Author,images (70) and for that I have to give full praise to my loving wife who pushed me to sit down and write, so to Lucie, Thank you for your vision and faith in me, and at the same time, Thank you VHP for seeing the gift that I never knew that I had.

Firstly I had my first novel published in e-book format under the VHP banner, saw my first video promoting the book and saw what a cover revel is all about and there are no words to explain to you just how I felt…I can use “excited” as that is the closest to expressing my feeling. It was like a kid at Christmas, opening up a brightly colored gift, filled with anticipation of what was going to be inside the box.

Let’s talk about seeing the covers for the first time…all I can say in this regard is WOW! Every cover for each book has just taken the wind out of my sails…each and everyone is so darn good and it makes me very proud to be a part of this awesome family.

Twelve months have gone by so quickly…in fact they have flown and in the beginning I was told to hold on tight for the ride, and to remember to breathe deeply, and believe me I’ve been holding on, enjoying the ride, but still have to stop and breathe deeply every now and then, pinch myself to make sure that I am not dreaming, but I am living the dream. I’m doing something that I love, something that I have been blessed with, something that gives me great enjoyment and I hope something that give you, the reader great enjoyment as well.11923250_1601484650074128_1186049125472057654_n

Over the past twelve months I have been writing non-stop…the stories are just lining up to be told and to date there are seven novels out there, all in e-book format as well as five available in print, but not only that five of them have been translated into Afrikaans, one into Italian with more to come, so for a change it is not me who has to hold on for the ride, but you dear reader…get ready for a roller coaster ride, that I promise you.

I’m not going to list my novels here, but if you are interested in the books that have captured people’s imaginations, taken them to another world, books that turn the pages themselves and books filled with Adventure and Thrills, visit my Authors Page on Amazon at this link…

Thank you for your visit, Stay Safe and take care…You never know what is in the shadows…watching you.images kk(31)

Don’t Judge a Book

Hi everyone Thanks for joining me again.images (4)

Today I want to give a shout out to my wonderful publisher who not only publishes my work, but in fact designs the covers for each new novel, and I would just like to showcase all the covers that have been done to date.

Each one of them is awesome, and I am sure that you will agree. They say don’t judge a book by its cover…but in this case please feel welcome to do just that…each and every cover does justice to the novel…so Vanilla Heart Publishing…I salute you.

VHP logo left banner

Cover for Blood Moon over Africa.

BMOA Cover

Cover for Blood Spoor in the Dark

CVR BSinD front

Cover for Blood Demon-Revenge


Cover for The Devil in Eden

Devil 3

Cover for The Smoke that Thunder.


Cover for Mask of Deceit


Cover for Into the Darkness


Cover for Cry of the Fish Eagle…soon to be released.


You have to admit, it is quite a collection, and if you have read any and enjoyed it, please leave a review. If you have not yet found the courage to step into Darkest Africa…take your courage in your hands and jump in…you will be taken on a ride that you will enjoy.

Stay Safe, and Take Care…as always, you never know what is watching from the shadows.

images (45)



A Rock & A Hard Place.

Hi There Everyone,images kk(31)

Glad you took the time out to join me…Thank you.

Right, where am I right now it feels as if I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I have just finished my latest Piet van Zyl Adventure, but the covers are not yet ready to come off so we will say no more about that just yet.PvZ Adventure Thriller SW series cover

There is still a heck of a lot of work to do, edit, proof read, edit, proof read, re-write before it is even ready to be sent on to my awesome publishers, Vanilla Heart Publishing…and then it is that wait until you get the thumbs up or down from them12003371_700178953446259_1368152052017028245_n…now that really make me feel like a cat on a hot tin roof…the waiting.

The reason why I feel like I’m between a rock and a hard place is that I have been told to re-charge the batteries before I sit down and attack the key board again…but I’m chomping at the bit like a race horse wanting to get going.

So many ideas just running around in my head…so many books to write, so little time.

My latest release from Vanilla Heart Publishing has been “Into the Darkness” and here is a small taste for you to sample.


The unconscious man slides down the steep embankment, his head striking a rock on his way to the bottom, opening up a cut above his right eye, until he finally comes to rest at the bottom, the brush covering his limp form, the only sign of life is the steady rise and fall of his chest.

“Sleep well van Zyl…that is if you ever regain consciousness you prick…I spit on you, and wish you well in the afterlife.”

The sound of the departing truck fades, and the songs of the people of the bush echo through the night. The moon climbs to its zenith in the night sky and a chill settles on the ground…movement in the gully…a Mozambican Spitting Cobra, 1.2m in length moves towards the still form of the man, and slowly slips under his body, seeking the warmth that the man offers from the chill of the night.downloadpppp (1)

The man groans as consciousness slowly returns, and pain lances through his head, his body shifts slightly causing his sleeping companion to move under him. The snake is warm and sluggish and feels no threat from its choice of bed partner, as it pulls its 1.2m coils tighter under the man, drawing the heat from the body above it.images (31)

Piet slowly opens his eyes, darkness all around, not knowing where he is and having no memory of how he got there, he lies in the darkness trying to bring up memories. Something deep inside him is telling him not to move for there is danger nearby; he feels the body of the snake under him, and something he is not use to clutches at his heart, the cold fingers of fear, and in the chill of the night, Piet van Zyl starts to sweat.


Not a great situation to find yourself in…will Piet get out of this one? The only way to find out is to read the book because I am sworn to secrecy.

For those of you out there that would like to read my books in Afrikaans…12742622_10208810841053198_1784419977459292507_nthey are there waiting for you and my “Sound of Thunder” is available in Italian, so go ahead and give one a try. I must warn you that I have received various complaints regarding the books from readers, and I just love it…feedback like this is AWESOME.

  • “I have to tell you that I got so caught up in your Blood Demon that the time just slipped past and I ended up missing my favorite TV program.”
  • I thought a great cup of coffee along with a good read would be the ideal way to spend the afternoon. My coffee got cold, I forgot all about it. Thank you.”
  • “Into the Darkness really captivated me…in fact I forgot to eat.”

There you have it, Thank you for joining me and remember to take care, you never know what is watching from the shadows.

Sleep Tight. 2(1)

Mothers Worldwide.

Hi All,images (4)

Today is a very special day…I suppose because it is felt that one day a year be put aside and called Mothers Day. Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m not against Mothers Day in any way at all, in fact I am all for it…but why have one day for Mothers…every day of the year should be a special day for Mothers all over the (3)

Mothers are the ones that nurture the family, guide and offer support. Mothers are the ones that stay up at night when a loved one is sick…in short Mothers are the glue that holds a family together.images (28)

Mothers are the most precious thing to have in your life…they love you unconditionally and give up everything for you, so Mothers should be respected, loved and cherished because when your Mom is no longer in your life, she will leave an empty void that cannot be filled…after all she is your Mom.Bvx7XrIIMAAEWAc

If you have kicked your Mom to the curb, for whatever reason dig deep inside yourself and realize that if it were not for your Mother, your future could have been very different. You do not know what your Mother went through for you, you do not know of the sacrifices she made, you have no idea how brave she was when she had to stand up for you and you have no idea what she gave up for you…so get a life…love your Mom and let her know it.hhhh

It pains to me say this but there are people out there whose lives are just too busy to care about poor old Mom, stuck away somewhere in a so called retirement home and forgotten about. I mean come on people, how much time does it take out of your busy day to pick up the phone and call her, find out how she is doing, does she need anything, but most of all, just tell her you are thinking about her and that you love her…man that really put a dent into your precious time, but think about it…that call meant the world to your Mom.

What about those who have their elderly Mom’s at home with them…LOVEdon’t forget them like something on the mantelpiece…make sure that they are always a part of the family, engage them in conversation…talk to them and most importantly, let you Mom know that you love her.

Like I said, Mothers Day should be every day of the year…after all if you did not have a Mother, you would not be reading this…so put aside five minutes, make that call, or if you are able…visit her. Let her know that you think about her. Don’t wait until Mom has passed on to shed any tears…make the most of your Mother while she is still with you…she will appreciate it more than your crocodile tears when she is no more.CROC

To the entire worldwide Mom’s out thereimagesl7 (56)…I salute you. You are the backbone of the family, the guiding force and you stand up for what is right, Mom’s Taxi…Soccer Mom’s…Shoulder to cry on Mom’s…Homework Mom’s…Chief bottle washer and cook Mom’s…Doctor Mom’s…The list just goes on and on…you are wonderful, amazing and just plain awesome.

To my Mom…Mom I love you images (96)and Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you have every done for me.

God Bless All.

Empty Nest

Hi Everyone,images (12)

I trust that this blog will find you all well and in high spirits.

One thing that I have learnt as I have grown older (and wiser I hope) is that the world is made up of Hello’s and Goodbye’s. Just take your children for instance…they spend plus minus eighteen to twenty years being a very big part of your life, and then you blink your eyes and it is empty nest syndrome.c (5)

My son ShaneLion 15 (3) left the nest very early. He completed his schooling here in South Africa in 2007, and no sooner had the ink dried on his final report, then he was spreading his wings on the way to The Land Down Under, bff9e26a6ad89f04cfe21687f1a2de67where I must say the young man has done very well for himself, and is now the proud owner of Australian Citizenship, and not only that, he got himself a scholarship to study at one of the University’s as well…so well done Shane,  we are very proud of what you have achieved, and of the young man you have developed into.

My Daughter Keli fon the other hand decided to stick it out in South Africa, and for the life of me I can’t understand way. At first it was…”But Dad, all my friends are here.” Which as far as I am concerned is a piss poor excuse…anyway the young lady attended University and ended up with a Charted Accountant Degree, and now works for one of the top company’s in the country. Once again we are very proud of what she has achieved.

She recently returned from an adventure of a lifetime…her company sent her to live and work in the U.S.A. for three months and then she was able to spend one month doing the tourist thing before coming back home. I just hope that being out of the country has opened her eyes and one of these days she too will be winging her way offfi to a far better place.

Now you are going to ask…Why am I still stuck here in South Africa?

The answer is really very simple and it boils down to funds…there is nothing to keep me here, and I do not like to get into politics in any way at all, but I truly believe that we are in a mud slide and it is just gathering momentum and very soon this wonderful country of ours is going to be flushed down the toilet…Why?…Just look at the circus images (71)in government…it is all about self enrichment and bugger the country and the people.

Anyway, that is my view, and if I were lucky enough to win the lotto, or even better still…hit the New York Best Sellers List…I would be out of here so fast, they would call me Flash.

Right, do I have a captivated audience…great…Just too wet your appetite, here is a short extract from my latest novel, once again published by the AWESOME Vanilla Heart Publishing. The title of the novel is “Into the Darkness” and if you have enjoyed a journey with Piet van Zyl and Co. in any of the previous books, then this one will put you on the edge of your chair…that is a promise.

Extract from Into the Darknessitd-piet

The sun burns down on the man’s back as he stumbles through the thick African bush, his mind a haze as he struggles to find his identity, he has no idea who he is, what his name is, or where he is from or where he is.

The vicious thorns from the Coral tree cut deep into his flesh as he forces his way through the thicket, the sound of running water spurring him on as his throat cries out for the life giving liquid, and in desperation he throws his body down the steep embankment towards salvation, plunging his head deep into the dark water, drinking deeply, unaware of the surface of the river being broken as one of the giant reptiles that call the Zambezi home slowly start to stalk the drinking man.

Too much water at once, the man falls away from the river, gagging as his stomach rejects the liquid, and in a rush, it is expelled from his burning body. He sits back, away from the water’s edge, his heart hammering like a freight train moving up a steep incline, taking in lungfuls of air, gasping, looking around…his eyes wide, fearful as he is unable to understand what is happening to him.

He looks back at the river and his eyes fall upon the giant reptile that waits just below the surface of the water, and with a cry of terror the man push’s back, away from the edge, all thoughts of quenching the burning thirst inside him forgotten as he scrambles up the river bank away from the danger. He is unable to name the danger, but somehow he recognized what it represented to him.

With the river and the setting sun behind him the man turns towards the distant mountains and starts moving slowly through the bush that steadily closes behind him, hiding him from view, moving forward but not knowing where he is going, Piet van Zyl moves into the darkness, the darkness of the falling night, and the darkness of the mind, his memory erased by a vicious blow to the head.

I hope that did what it was intended to do. “Into the Darkness” is available in all e-book formats and all the links to the latest Adventure Thriller can be found at

Thank you for the visit and take care.

You never know what is watching from the shadows.images kk(31)



Hi All,Lion 9 (3)

Today my daughter turns twenty six years old…Happy Birthday Keli..12002123_10153625221228377_961861742181347175_n.heck just where has the time gone, and that is a problem for me…I still reckon that I am the youngest teenager in town and it only feels like yesterday that I left school but so much water has gone under the bridge since I left my innocence behind and found myself serving in the SADF for the next two years..Not to mention the forced call ups to one and three month army camps every year for the next ten years.

Anyway like I said, water under the bridge…but time does seem to move a lot quicker the older you get, or maybe in my case, I get so involved in my writing that I don’t even notice time as it moves past…in some cases I have woken up thinking that it is Thursday, only to be informed by the powers that be in this household that it is in fact Friday…damn I lost a whole day, then I check my manuscript for my latest WIP and see another four thousand words have been added…at least I know I was busy on Thursday.

My journey as a writer has been nothing short of fantastic. If you stop to have a look at how my year has gone so far, that is from June 2015 up till now… it is just amazing.

Since I signed with my publishers four of my novels have been published in all the e-book formats, in print as well as in English and Afrikaans. Another one has been published in e-book and print and now one of my short stories is going out in Italian.

That is a total of six book since my journey started with number seven just around the corner, so you can forgive me for loosing time…so far it has been one hell of a ride, but I am enjoying each and every second of it.UntitledNMKJ

Something that amuses me no end since I have put myself out into the world of Face Book and Twitter as an Author is the number of ladies that make contact, and one of the first questions that gets asked is…”Are you single?”…”I want to meet you.”…”I’m looking for a guy like you.”…Slow burn 1It is not as if I hide the fact that I am very happily married away, and far from single, but my question is…Where the heck were you all when I was a young buck, then we could have talked, but like I have said before, and I will say it again…I am very happily married and consider myself incredibly lucky to have found Lucie…she is the rock in my life, my support system and my soul mate…but no don’t go and tell everyone…it will spoil my fun, after all it does wonders for my ego to get propositioned.

But what is it? Is there a stigma attached to the title, Author. When I was just plain Paul the only person to proposition me was my loving wife…time moves on and nothing has changed…I am still happily married 10251986_808613975833544_2808521953749402771_nand as much as my ego gets boosted…I will always love my wife and have no intention of ever changing my life style.

To the young ladies out there…Thanks for the attention girls, but my advice to you is to go find someone else to play with, but take care and stay safe…you never know what is watching from the shadows. DarksideIf you really would like to take me to bed with you…you have a choice…grab one and enjoy.

You will find them all waiting for you in anticipation at

Cheers everyone, Thanks for joining me.


Reach for the Stars

Hi Everyone,images (96)

Sorry I have not put out a blog for awhile but Piet van Zyl has dragged me kicking and screaming back into the darkness of his world and this time all I can say is that he has thrown me into the deep end, and it is a case of sink or swim…either way you just have to hope that the crocodiles CROCdon’t get you and I manage to complete this quest that he has dug up from only he knows where.

I was out walking Pooch and his small companion aptly named Fudge and while we were out there under the sun my mind was working…yip it works on occasion. What was I going to blog about, and then it struck me…It is has been something that I read a while ago regarding a very well known Author who says that he never started out to earn a living from writing.

Well all I can say to him is…congratulations…Come on, get real…every author out there including myself has high hopes of one day hitting that best sellers list…why else spend hours, days, weeks pouring your heart and soul out onto print, not to mention research, research  and then going through the whole process of proof reading, editing, re-writing, submitting to publisher…waiting…and then smiling because the manuscript has been accepted.

For me, the wait once I have sent it off to my AWESOME Publisher VHP logo left banneris the worst. I like to compare it to a school kid submitting an assignment for year end and I end up like a cat on a hot tin roof. The relief once it has been accepted is a wonderful feeling.

Now, unlike the well known Author who claims that he never wrote for gain, but it came his way anyway…I have dreams of my writing capturing an audience of readers…I love to write, my characters talk to me, they take me to places that others dream about and pardon me, but I am reaching for the stars while my feet are on the ground…I would love to have a best seller and be recognized as an International Author.11224052_1075405575804918_3075480545506251439_n11923250_1601484650074128_1186049125472057654_n

So there you have it in black and white…writing to me is a career, but it is a career that I love and get a huge amount of joy and satisfaction from. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought of myself as a writer, but it is a blessing that I had without knowing it and the gate needed to be opened for me to realize it.

Well the gate has been opened…and the stories are just lining up to be told. There is no pressure when I write. I take one day at a time and allow the story and characters to lead me along the pathway until the journey is over, one word at a time, although I will admit that my typing sometimes can’t keep up with the voices in my head.

For example when my lovely wife Lucie challenged me to sit down and write Blood Moon over Africa, it was like a roller coaster ride for me, from start to finish…the story consumed me until it was over and I thought that was that, but not to be. One day later I started Blood Spoor in the Dark, and it has been a roller coaster ride for me ever since, and believe me, it has been one hell of a ride, and I have enjoyed and still do, every single minute of it.

Try one of my books,7 they have been born out of a passion that I did not know I had and just maybe one day I will reach the stars, but my feet will always remain firmly on the ground.  

Take Care out there, and stay safe, you never know what is watching from the shadows.

Shadow 4