Yeah it’s the weekend.

Yeah it’s the weekend…Happy Days are here again.            images (72)

Hey stupid. What’s all the noise about, keep it down I’m trying to sleep

It is the weekend, which can mean only one thing.

Oh good. You’re leaving to join another pack, hopefully far away.

No, no, no my friend, you’ve got it all wrong…the weekend is for reading.

Yeah right, and just what are you reading my furry friend?

Ha ha haa, that’s an easy question…I’m reading Blood Moon over Africa

Oh great, as if we don’t have enough troubles of our own already, brilliant here has to go and read Blood Moon over Africa, just what we need, another moon in the sky, one makes it hard enough to hunt as it is.

No my friend, you have the wrong end of the Zebra, you’re at the tail again…I downloaded Blood Moon over Africa onto my Kindle from, it was as easy as one two, three, even you could do it                   images (75)

Hey wait a minute, you calling me stupid?

Oh laugh it off man, and join the club, we all know we are meant to be stupid, just some of us are worse than others.

Meaning what hey, just what are you suggesting?

What I am saying my spotted friend is that SMASHWORDS is for ALL Ereading Devices, including Nook, iPad, Kindle, and More!

You mean I can read Blood Moon over Africa this weekend as well.

What a laugh, of course you can, go to              images (70)

or and download your own copy, look at me my tongue is hanging out just waiting to get between the pages, and I might share a nice fat Zebra with you, but I draw the line as far as Blood Moon over Africa is concerned…get your own…now…you will never look back and regret it.


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