Introducing Piet van Zyl

Ja well just where do I start with this introduction to me. Me being Piet van Zyl, safari owner out there in the bush in Zambia…okay, okay, I now know where to start…at the beginning hey?          Piet

Right, I must tell you I heard of this oke, Paul Zunckel, and that baffled me because I don’t even know Paul, but  as  I always say, “n Boer maak n plan.” and for those of you who are English speaking it means “an Afrikaner always makes a plan,” so  there I  was going onto the Internet… man I had to ask Peggy to help me out, but between us we got it right, and I ended up at this bloody link…ja okay here it is… and what do you know, there the oke’s name is, and a book called Blood Moon over Africa, so I follow another link…I tell you it is just like tracking a bloody leopard, jump from here to there, just  to get where you are going, but in the end I found what I wanted and downloaded the book… I tell you this oke Paul, he can write hey, and the story, man I was glad I was not there…ag no man, wait a minute, I was there… you don’t know that do you, ah now I understand, you have not read Blood Moon over Africa yet. Well” moenie worrie nie,” and for the English speaking people out there it means “don’t worry,” I will share the link with you, and do yourselves a favour, read the bloody book so you can come up to speed, at least then we can call each other friends hey… here is the link just for you okes that are missing out…

Now that we got that out the way, let me tell you, I like this oke, Paul Zunckel, I mean he tells a good tale hey, but I like the idea of being a chick magnet, and all those young ladies that come on safari thinking that the Big White Hunter is on the menu as well… I tell you, I have to stay on my toes out there,  some of them give a Man-eating lion a bad name, ja but what can I say, if you’ve got it…you got it, but then once again if you have not read Blood Moon over Africa you will have no idea what I am talking about, ag shame man, your loss hey, but like I said earlier, do yourself a favour and go to and read all about me.

I was shocked you know, I went to this Paul Zunckels Face Book page…ag okay man here is the link Paul’s Facebook Page so I could follow him and make sure he does not take me into anymore out of the way places, and bloody hell what does this oke do, the next minute I am in the bloody Congo, ja but we will leave that for another time. I see that he is in very good company all round but the point I am trying to make is that I found some Erotic Authors on his page… Phew I am just an oke that lives in the bush, but anyway I figured that maybe they need some inspiration from Africa so here it is.       images (18)               …the only animal in Africa with a permanent horn…The Rhino.

Oh that photo on the top is not mine…I don’t look like that, I am better looking.  Okay I am out of here…another Land Rover full of clients have just arrived, from Sweden this time, so I will say Baie Dankie en Tot Siens…okay man, it means Thank You and Good Bye…Time to slip back into the Big White Hunter mode…just between you and me…as long as Peggy does not catch me, after all I have a reputation to maintain. You ask, who is Peggy…Read the book.


One thought on “Introducing Piet van Zyl

  1. I’ve only just read the first few chapters so far, but this book certainly is an edge-of-your-seat story (although albeit, prefer NOT the edge of the seat in an outhouse!). And don’t tell my hubby, but I am kind of “intrigued” by Piet van Zyl. He’s sexy, skilled, and obviously a pretty good guest blogger.


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