Interview with Piet van Zyl

Hello everyone, I am sitting here on the banks of the great Zambezi River, surrounded by the wilds of Africa, and across from me, larger than life is none other than our Great White Hunter and Safari owner, Mr Piet van Zyl…Now Piet…tell me, we all want to know, what made you Hijack Paul Zunckels Blog?

You see Jackie, that oke hijacked me out of my lekker, I mean nice comfortable lifestyle, and without even asking, threw me into all types of sh.., sorry I mean trouble, I mean who wants that type of trouble hey.

So you are upset with him then?

Heck no ways Jackie, I have not had so much fun in a long time, plus I get the groupies.

So, what made you choose this types of lifestyle?

Ja well, Jackie, you see I have always loved the bush and the animals, and as you know my safari is to capture them on film…not sommer skiet… ag sorry man, I mean not just shoot them because they are there.

Now I am sure people want to know Piet, how did you get involved in the story, Blood Moon over Africa?

You know Jackie, that was all very strange man, I mean one minute here I am minding my own business, keeping an eye on my clients.. .and then suddenly I am at Lusaka Airport meeting David and his bride, Adele… don’t ask me how I got there but it happened, fok.. .ag excuse me, sorry.

That is okay Piet, you must just be yourself here, nothing to worry about, the people want to meet the real Piet.

Right okay, now as I was saying, I collected David and Adele from the airport. He had inherited a smallholding out in the bush, and that is when all the funny stuff started to happen.

Like what Piet?

No birds there, no animals… very strange, it spooked me you know… did not feel right, Ja and the nonsense did not stop there I tell you… it was… how you say in English… ja… a roller coaster ride.

Carry on Piet, tell us more.

Well first it was that crocodile story, I mean something did not like that croc and tore it to bloody pieces… then that thing that visited David and Adele… bloody quick hey… I tell you, those two were brave to stay there.

Tell me more about the crocodile Piet.

Nee Jackie, ag I mean no… It’s like this; if you want to know more you need to read Blood Moon over Africa.

Alright I understand, but tell us a bit more Piet… wet our appetite for a great read. I understand you guys had a run in with a hippo.

Man  that was close hey, but you have to watch the hippo, that animal does not take nonsense, and ja we all got wet hey… bloody crocs though we were being served up for lunch.

Tell us something about the creature that you encountered.

Man you okes ask a lot of questions you know… ja well we put up some cameras round the house to see what was causing the problems, bliksem I tell you Jackie, when we saw that thing on film it turned my blood cold… heck the lady at the photo shop thought we were shooting a horror movie.

So you are telling me that this really happened?

Jackie, one thing I do not do is lie, that bloody thing was as real as you and me sitting here, something out of a damn nightmare… I tell you Africa is full of superstitions and mystery… you never know what you are going to come across next… mix in some witchcraft, a curse and man you’ve got trouble on your hands… and this bloody oke, Paul Zunckel…he went and threw all of us in the deep end… lucky he had Veronica come and help, but between you and me, that author oke had better watch out.

Why is that Piet?

He never asked me if I want to be dragged all over the bloody bush.  Here I am minding my own business and that of my clients. He just sommer threw me in head first, just as well n Boer maak n plan hey.

Can you add anything else?

Ja okay, but this is off the record… this Paul Zunckel is not a bad oke you know… he did take us on a rollercoaster ride, and he has done it more than once I tell you, heck this Blood Moon over Africa is just the start… check out for more information.

Well thank you Piet, and enjoy your day.

My pleasure Jackie, oh and one more thing, since he wrote Blood Moon over Africa, I have been getting fan mail… don’t tell Peggy hey… if the ladies hear about this they will never let it go, I mean between Peggy, Veronica and Adele they give me a hard time… but the wheel turns… and my time will come… watch.   images (71)


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