Blood Moon over Africa

Blood Moon Over AfricaBMOA Cover

Book 1, Blood Trilogy

by Paul Zunckel

Africa, a place where superstition and witchcraft runs deep, a place of beauty, but where death lurks in the shadows. A land shrouded in mystery, with ancient beliefs simmering just beneath the surface – set on a collision course with modern western ideas.

An innocent act unleashes a horror that walks the African night… under the full moon… and nothing is safe.

Piet van Zyl, safari owner, finds himself drawn into a world of witchcraft, and face to face with a horror returned from the grave. With the support of Veronica Strydom, with her vast knowledge of African Culture, he must rid the night of the abomination, or die trying.


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Hi All, for a free sample download of my novel, Blood Moon over Africa, published by Vanilla Heart Publishing, follow the link and get a taste of the mysteries of Africa…WHATS ON THE MENU…Suspense, Thrills, Superstition with just a touch of Horror, and follow the the second link to view the video, and feel Africa draw you in,

For a FREE 8 Chapter Preview

Blood Moon Over Africa Sneak Peek Video

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Proud of my Lovely Wife

Hello All…I would like you to meet my number One Fan and support system.   When I ventured into the wonderful world of writing, my lovely wife Lucie and my Mom were with me all the way, and once the work was completed, Lucie went where she had never been before, she climbed in boots and all, and that was Proof Reading and Editing the manuscript.

I want to share this bit of praise that she received from my Publisher.   ” Lucie did an admirable and thorough job on the editing and proofreading!”…Thank You K’lee

Meet LucieLucie2

Review by A.C.Roberts

My New favorite Author


Today I sit down and write about some of my favorite Authors. Of course there are the very well known and popular Authors out there; such as Brandon Mull (Fable Haven series) Cassandre Clare, Kami Garcia of course!! But there has been a new addition to my all time FAVORITE Authors..
Since I have taken that scary leap into self publishing and networking I have come across a few very genuine and lovable Authors like myself. On the top of that list is Mr. Paul Zunckel. His writing is both terrifying and beautiful to say the least. As he resides in South Africa his stories are set in the African bush. What a mirror image of his writings!! Beautiful and yet terrifying. Mr. Zunckel has brought forth some of the best new characters to date. As with Mr. Brandon Mull the characters you can fall in love with grow attached to and feel like they are apart of your family each time you read a new tale. He makes you worry for them, feel pride in them when they over come the challenges set before them, I could go on but I will stop there. As I stated before the stories are great! A good author will make you enjoy a good story but a GREAT Author will draw you in and leave his/her mark on you for the rest of your life. Mr. Zunckel has done just that, and if you take one moment to read his works you may find yourself agreeing with my assessment.

Author Biography

Paul Zunckel was born in 1957 in Zimbabwe, then known as Rhodesia. His family moved to South Africa in 1966, where he completed his schooling at Kingsway Senior High School in Amanzimtoti.

He did his two years National service in the South African Defence Force as an Ops Medic, wanting to follow his heart and study medicine, but life got in the way.

Paul was employed in Air Traffic Control for twenty years, and has been involved in Management positions for over twenty-five years. He has a Human Resource Management Diploma, and is an accredited Facilitator.

He started to write full time in August 2014, about something that is close to his heart… Africa. The mysteries, the superstitions, and all the beauty and treachery of the land. He holds his wife responsible for the road he is now traveling, as she was the driving force behind him in his Debut novel, Blood Moon over Africa. Since then, the stories line up to be told.

Paul loves to write as it takes him into another world, and he enjoys the reaction that he receives from readers.

Apart from writing novels, he also plays the guitar and writes his own material, although he is unable to read music. Music forms a big part of his life, and he can lay claim to having cut one CD, although he does say, “I’m too old to be an idol.”

He has two children from a previous marriage, and has been married to Lucie the love of his life for the last fourteen years. Paul and his family live in the Eastern Cape, South Africa along with man’s best friend, a cross Alsatian/Lab who answers to the name “Pooch” and is at his feet every time he sits down to write and will not move until “his human” is finished and types The End.

Welcome to My World

 Hello and welcome to my site.  I hope that you will find what you are looking for here, and that you will enjoy reading the novels as much as I enjoyed writing them.  Allow me to take you on a journey into the darkness of Africa, and bring you face to face with the superstitions and demons that walk the night.  Let my imagination transport you into another world, and take you into the dark  recess of a demented mind…and I am not talking about mine.

Enjoy your visit, and come again.  Let me know your reaction to my work, and Thank you for stopping by.

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