It’s my Life.

Hi All, cb34xc5wwaeazpj

It has been awhile since my last posting but yours truly has been busy, not only putting two of my novels up on for people to read and review but I have just recently released my “Mask of Deceit” back on Amazon Kindle with a new cover.

If you are interested in reading “Man in the Shadows” or “Into the Darkness”  on Inkitt and leaving a review that would be great.

I have also entered the cover designed by Eeva Lancaster for the novel “Devil in Eden” Devil newinto the AllAuthor cover competition for November and so far the cover has made it into the second round BUT I and the cover need votes so if you have not voted or did not know about this venture of mine, please would you mind casting your vote for the lion at this link.

My next novel to be released sometime this month is “Whispers in the Wind”. Again the cover design is by Eeva Lancaster which I think is awesome.Whispers in the Wind (3)

As a tit-bit or a tease here is the synopsis for Whispers in the wind with a sneak preview of the cover as well.

Step into the evil world of Human Trafficking, where corrupt officials, unemployment, poverty, greed and power all play a part.

A family that is torn apart by abduction.

A child taken in the dead of the night by force to serve as High Priestess for a secret African Cult who worship the jackal god and act as the middle man for the collection of human cargo.

Adele abducted and sold into slavery, and the world of the sex trade where it is all about greed. Join her on her journey into slavery, her misery, her fears, as she’s thrown head first into terror and must use whatever she has to survive, if she is to ever see her family again.

The search for the child and woman moves from the wilds of Zambia, to the under belly of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Join Piet van Zyl and company in their search for Debi, as they move from the banks of the mighty Zambezi deep into the African bush veld.  Follow Henri Le Vee, Special Agent into the sleazy world of human trafficking, where he joins forces with an undercover agent in his search for Adele.

Will David ever see his wife Adele or daughter Debi alive again?

Anyway, that is me for today. I wish you all good health and remember, you never know what is watching from the shadows.

Take Care