Where there is smoke, there is fire.

Where there is smoke, there is fire.

There are certain people in a position of power in the Government who have forgotten that the people of this country put them there and this thrill of power has gone to their heads just like a bully in a school playground. In short they are abusing their position of power, not for the good of the people but for their own gain.

I am talking about the ridicules ban on tobacco products. Of all the countries in the world that are under lockdown only three have banned tobacco products and none of them even took into account the effect that lost sales would have on the economy of the country or the effect it would have on the smokers of the country being forced to go cold turkey or end up broke by supporting their habit at over the top prices for these goods on the black market. As of today South Africa is the only country that is still imposing this ridicules ban and for no other reason that it is lining someone in powers pocket. The longer the ban remains in force the richer someone gets and the people who are mostly affected are the millions of smokers in this country who have found an outlet at very high prices to support their habit.

The ban has done nothing to halt or stem the rise of COVID-19. The numbers keep on climbing at an alarming rate each day that goes by and I fail to see how the ban has done anything to curb this climb. In fact how many COVID-19 deaths have been direct results of smoking…Not many as many of the deaths are people who have been unable to afford to buy on the black market.

Believe me, where there is a gap in the market, someone will fill it and that is what has happened so that brings me to this point. Smokers are still smoking; tobacco goods are still banned… WHY? Because somewhere along the line of power someone’s pocket or bank account is getting bigger while the whole economy plus smokers suffer.

Not only is the country’s economy suffering because of this ban but the people who are employed and make a living from dealing in tobacco, be it the legitimate producers, the retailers and suppliers are all being left out in the cold with no income. The only winner in this one sided decision is the people who are benefiting from this ban, everyone else loses.    

This is an abuse of power and for some reason is not being checked but these people are being allowed to just make these ruling.

Maybe the smokers of this country should take these power hungry/money hungry members of Governments to court and sue them for the following:

1 Taking away my right to freedom of choice

2 Depressions

3 Anxieties

4 Cravings

5 Mood Swings

6 Loss of savings by being forced to buy from the black market.

The ban on the sale of alcohol was lifted and what do we get? An increase in road accidents, murders, robbery, rape and crime against women and children and yet the liquor stores are still allowed to operate. I wonder how many murders and rapes are direct results of having a cigarette. The government must know something the general public does not know.

They say they are there to protect us…bullshit. It all comes down to corruption, greed, and imposing their own thumb sucked decisions on the country.

Food for Thought: When they are just a happy memory and no longer around someone somewhere will light up, drag deeply and enjoy the rush of having a legal smoke. Cigarettes were here before they arrived in this world and will be here long after they have departed.

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