Lesson Learnt

Hello Everyone,images-6

Well life goes on and I am never ceased to be amazed at what goes on in social media.  Ever since I was blessed with the gift of being able to write and I had to jump into the social media swimming pool, get my feet wet and learn how to swim…sometimes I feel as if I am barely keeping my head above water.CROC

The reason why I felt the need to put this out there is the number of people…men and woman… (mostly young woman)…who follow my account, for which I am grateful as promoting my work is why I am there  in the first place, but these young ladies are in a class of their own…they start off with a DM…Hello or Hi to which I will replay with a Thank You for following me.

All innocent and above board. I am not on social media looking for anything other than promoting my work and the work of the other awesome authors out there but these young ladies (and men) are on the hunt…they all want something and I have no idea if it is the parrot images (4)in my profile picture or the cap Photo0930I am wearing but it is certainly not my looks.

At heart I am a friendly boy next door and am quite happy to engage in a conversation with someone who has followed me, after all the interest must be my books. Silly me…still learning to swim in a pool…but now the sharks have entered the water images (68)as well and for some reason they all seem to think that I am rolling in cash, images-5or on the lookout for a flingscrewed-2

What part of…”I am happily married” do they not understand. Maybe they can’t read and in that case they have my sympathy.

I suppose now that I have woken up and realized what to look out for I can avoid getting into any kind of conversation with them as unlike me, they just seem to follow anyone and then follow it up with a question like…”What do you do for a living”? Or “Where do you live”?

I actually had one ask me if I could pay their Internet bill for them. One who made contact with me called me a scammer when I told her I was married to my best friend and happy at that. What the heck was I trying to scam?

For crying out loud, all that information is found on my profile page. My life is an open book to anyone who takes the time to check out my profile or visit my Authors page.

Enough is enough and to those of you out there that are following me because you support me and are interested in my work, I thank you from the bottom of my heart 12003371_700178953446259_1368152052017028245_nbut to the rest…For the last time…I am a married man, who is very much in love with his wife, I am happy and do not need the social media to find a wife, a girlfriend or another dog for that matter as my wife and dog is all I need.images-8

They say you learn something new each and every day…well now I can add this to my growing repertoire of lessons learnt.

I wish all of you out there a wonderful weekend. Take Care and stay safe.

God Bless you all.