The Sounds of Silence

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My last blog that I managed to get around too was all about how I felt about being ripped off…well this one is not much different…in fact it still centers around being ripped off, but in a more subtle way and the way I am talking about is as my heading says…The Sounds of Silence.

It is a funny thing, human nature but the minute someone is in the wrong, whether that party owes you a service, money, contractual obligation, feedback, report…whatever and you ask for it in a decent nice way without being pushy…they just clam up and all you get back from them is The Sounds of Silence, that is after they run out of excuses, forgetting that you also have obligations, payments to make, a living to strive for, a family to support.

It makes me feel like I am being screwed over.screwed-2

Now that is the thing about The Sounds of Silence…it shows that the party concerned is liable…instead of coming to the party, admitting that they are in the wrong and sorting out the problem, they hide behind a curtain of silence, hoping that you will just go away…Why?…Because they do not have the decency to respect you as a person, to respect their obligation or give a damn about what they owe you. In short they just do not give a damn about you as a person, colleague, friend or anything else that might come to mind…all that matters is them and what they are about.

The Sounds of Silence have an amazing effect on a relationship, whether it is in a marriage, business or friendship…it just makes things unpleasant and icy, and there is just no need for that as most problems that end in The Sounds of Silence could have been avoided if the one that has suddenly gone mute had paid the money due, done what they were meant to do instead of a steady stream of excuses.

Honesty is a virtue but when The Sounds of Silence are invoked…honesty is kicked out the backdoor and with it you find yourself losing something that is also a virtue, and that is trust. Trust your fellow man and woman but ask yourself, how can you do that…you have been taken for a ride so you end up painting everyone else with the same brush…a small voice in the back of your head screams out when you get involved with someone new…”Don’t trust…they will take you for a ride again.”…and that just sucks because that person could be the next best thing to happen to you, but thanks to The Sounds of Silence, that is just what you do do…you don’t trust.

Trust is something that is earned…trust is an important part of a relationship, no matter what type of relationship, trust must be there between the parties…without trust you are not going to develop as a human being, not going to forge friendship and not going to move forward…so I have this to say to the people out there that hide behind the curtain of The Sounds of Silence…stand up to your obligations…do what is right and admit you are in the wrong…you slipped up…no big deal.

Another virtue is Forgiveness, but you have to be big enough to ask for it before it is given. Admit that you are in the wrong and stop hiding your guilt behind The Sounds of Silence…you stand a very good chance of losing something’s that are precious…think about it…your own self esteem, self worth and respect for yourself. Guess what people…you can’t hide from that one. One more thing you also stand to lose is a trusting friendship or a trusting working relationship…at the end of the day, you lose.

God Bless you all.