Ignorance is bliss

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I had no idea that this morning I was going to come across a tweet on Twitter from a well meaning person, but obviously this person has no idea at all on the impact that the encroachment of man has had on nature or the wild life that survive in nature.

His point is and I quote “wrong, there are plenty of examples of co-habitation” and this is in response to my tweet regarding the encroachment of mankind into the domain of the wilds. I suppose everyone has their own point of view on this subject, depending on where you live. If you live in an area where there are no predators or carnivores, then yes the deer and the elk will co-exist with you as they are herbivores. The vervet monkey co-exists with usimages (34) but a predator remains a predator and to my knowledge there are no examples of co-habitation between man and predator, unless one or the other is in a cage with steel bars.

A great example of co-habitation is a farm…domesticated animals but co-habitation with the Big Five or any predator unless they are in a zoo or nature reserve (controlled environment) is not possible.

Try telling the farmer who is losing his live stock to marauding lions that this is an example of co-habitation. bff9e26a6ad89f04cfe21687f1a2de67Take the young husband, who has just lost his wife to a Nile crocodile while she was doing the washing down at the river that it is okay,CROC after all this is an example of co-habitation or for that matter, the villagers who live in fear as night falls because they know a man-eater is on the hunt, or the old man who lost a son to an enraged elephant as he tried to chase the mighty animal from the banana plantation.bull

The family of the tourist who got out of his car to film a pride of lion around their kill and got taken out by a lioness don’t believe in co-habitation, and as for the lioness, no-one told her that we are living in co-habitation, nor did anyone tell the lion pride that visited a group camping in their domain and ended up dragging away one of the unfortunate campers.

The list can go on and on where the idea of co-habitation between man and predator just gets kicked to the curb.

Really, they say that ignorance is bliss…but that does not excuse a sense of false security…a predator will always remain a predator and as mankind expands into their habitat the chances if a meeting between the two become all the more certain, and there can only be one winner.

Both trying to survive in a shrinking world.

There are varies records of predators turned man-eater from around the world, and in every case it has been the encroachment of man into their domain, and the truth is, man is the easiest prey of all.

God Bless you all.



The Gift of Speech

Hello One and All,images (33)

It has been awhile but then I have been busy behind the scenes, both with kick starting my latest novel titled “Sting of the Scorpion”…and on top of that Cooking up a storm at The Ibis Lounge as we just seem to be getting more and more reservations for dinner, plus a lots of very good folks booking into our three rooms for the night and really enjoying their stay with us.

Now I say a lot of good folks, but every once in awhile you will get a bad apple in the basket and that is what I would like to talk about today…the bad apple is someone who will complain about the smallest thing that they can or just have a moan for the sake of having a moan. Now this piece of bad fruit booked into the guest house last month….firstly they got lost…I ask you, how can anyone get lost in Nieu Bethesda…after all we have one main street, which you can enter our little village from both ends depending on which access road you take, and to top it off, we sent the fruit a detailed map as well.

Come to think of it now, maybe they can’t read a map…anyway they found us and because of the lateness of their arrival they decided to dine on something off our snack menu and not from our dinner menu which we were prepared to jump in and put together for them. The fruit settled on one of our “Topless Burgers”…now the burger itself has been called a “Gourmet Burger” by more than one visiting guest or passing customer. In fact we have had calls from people visiting our village prior to their arrival booking the burgers, arriving and enjoying what is put before them, and leaving with a very satisfied smile on their faces…once again echoing the sentiment…” That was worth the trip.”

Now the fruit had a complaint about our burger…and his burger was prepared the same way as every other burger that has left the kitchen…now don’t get me wrong…he enjoyed it, BUT there was not enough salad on the burger…heck if the dude wanted a Veg or Vegan Burger we would have made him feel like a rabbit with the amount on salad on the roll, in fact he would have gone green with envy, all he had to do was ask. He also complained about the price…what did he want? It for free. Everyone knows if you want cheap you get cheap…you want quality, you pay for it…and he got quality…the empty plate plus complement from him regarding the burger speaks for its self. It almost seems as if this dude can’t make up his mind what he wants to moan about.

Our menu lists the different burgers, each burger has a price attached so the fruit knew before hand the cost and what is more he opted for the top of the range when there are cheaper options available to choose from…so why complain sir, you were not forced into a choice.

The next little moan that was squeezed out by the fruit was that our Breakfast which in fact carries a fine reputation and attracts people from all over the village, including the local police…(and is included in the rate of the room) was discussed with him on the evening of his arrival, the produce used was made clear and a time established on when they required it to be served. No moan was received nor was anything questioned by the fruit, he seemed satisfied on the makeup of the breakfast and even made it very clear as to the way his tomato should be prepared.


They enjoyed their breakfast…the plates came back clean…not a drop on the plates…and then he has the audacity to post a review saying that there was no yoghurt, cereal or fruit for breakfast…once again if the dude had opened his mouth and used his gift of speech we could have made an arrangement for him, after all we bend over backwards for our guests, even if we live in a small village we have provided guests with fruit platter, yoghurt and cereal before, all because they opened their mouths and used that wonderful gift of speech…as the saying goes…”Ask and you will receive…if it is possible, it can be done.”

Onto the room they occupied…the windows in all the rooms of the guest house have “shutters” on them…after all it is a very old house and most of the homes in Nieu Bethesda have “shutters” on the windows. It is so obvious to normal people that from inside the room they are “shutters”…that open and close, but this fruit goes and complains that the window was ”boarded up”…I am lost for words…is this guy just digging for something to moan about and is now running out of ideas.

Oh heck I almost forget because it is so trivial…the guest house has a small shop in which it displays varies product for sale and according to the fruit it was “quirky rubbish”…now everyone is entitled to their own opinion so I respect him for that, but the sales from the little shop speak for themselves…obviously not everyone shops at Bloomingdales…99.9% of our guests and visitors love what is on display and a lot of them end up buying something. So you take the rough with the smooth and go with the flow…like I have said everyone is entitled to their own opinion…it is called freedom of speech.

Anyway I welcome the feedback and the fact that he took the time to leave a review, as some people could not be bothered to leave anything, so I say Thank You Sir for your time and effort, and wish you well in your future travels.

I trust you enjoyed your stay at The Ibis Lounge.12032068_772899666189902_3816294409974603633_n

That is that…I just wanted to share this with all of you, and if you are thinking of staying at The Ibis Lounge,16142490_1075533622593170_2262536105405245276_n remember we bend over backwards for our guests and look forward to hosting you. Take Care out there, you never know what is watching from the shadows or when next you are going to get a fruit basket with a bad apple in it.

99.9% of guests can’t be wrong…The Ibis Lounge is the place to shop, eat and sleep in Nieu Bethesda.

God Bless you all.