Don’t Get Me Confused

It has been awhile since I last posted on my site but I have been busy with my latest novel called “Savage Moon”, and this project has been taking up a lot of my time but apart from that I have been very blessed to have been offered two publishing contracts with a South African publisher which is the best news yet as it means that my work will now be available in my own country.

The name of the publisher is KREST PUBLISHING and they are found on the sunny coast of KWA-ZULU-NATAL in the awesome home town of mine, namely DURBAN and the two novels which they have taken under their wing are “CRY OF THE FISH EAGLE” which I am proud to say has its official release on the 21st May 2021 which is something that I am looking forward to. My first official release of my work in my own country.

The second book which is still in the process of being edited is “SHADOW OF THE LEOPARD”.

Now the reason for my title, “DON’T GET ME CONFUSED” is that believe it or not there is another Paul Zunckel out there who is signed with Krest Publishing and unfortunately due to this strange turn of events I have changed my authors name from Paul Zunckel to P.Zuncks, but nothing about my books have changed.

They still feature Piet van Zyl and his African Adventure and just to ensure that there is no confusion on which are my books, originally written under my birth name here is a list of the books. These books are all available on Amazon as well as Smashword and Goodreads.

  1. Blood Moon Over Africa
  2. Blood Spoor in the Dark
  3. Blood Demon-Revenge
  4. Devil in Eden
  5. Whispers in the Wind
  6. Into the Darkness
  7. Mask of Deceit
  8. Man in the Shadows

Books that will now feature my new author name, P.Zuncks will be the two book that my publishers will be releasing and hopefully many more to come.

Here is the link to my new home:

Beta Reader Review for CRY OF THE FISH EAGLE

Reviews for Cry of the Fish Eagle

A Piet van Zyl Adventure Thriller

by Paul Zunckel


“kept me awake long after I finished!”

“I was quite excited to be offered the opportunity to read and review Paul Zunckel’s Cry of the Fish Eagle after having read everything of his to date and never being disappointed. In a bit of a twist, this book kept me awake long after I finished! The manner in which historical and cultural legends are fit so cleanly into a contemporary thriller is superb, leaving no doubt that Paul Zunckel has a bright future in writing and storytelling!

~ Marta Casey-Shore

I hope that this clears up any confusion regarding my work and you the reader continues to enjoy following Piet and his adventures.

God Bless you.