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Hi All and sorry to disappoint, it is not Piet van Zyl, I have put him back in his box for now, but I had to promise him that if any ladies request him then I have to comply and release the burly South African to do his thing, and if any guys request him…to keep him in his box.

Well, one thing that I have always enjoyed was going into a book store and wondering along the shelves looking at all the amazing titles, the awesome covers and the numerous different names that jumped out at you, and finally choosing one to take home and getting lost between the covers. I had and still have my favourite’s authors, and just accepted it that they were born to write, and by their writing, entertain you. Never for one minute did I ever imagine that I would one day join this group of people that have this wonderful gift, and through this blog, I would like to say THANK YOU to all of you who kick started me, had faith in me, supported me and most of all believed in me. I have met some amazing people since I started this journey, and I would like to say that each one of you is special.

How did I start writing, quite by accident? I had an idea that had been floating around in my head for a number of years, and every now and then would talk about it, until my number one supporter, my wife challenged me to put pen to paper. What I said under my breath cannot be repeated as I was told that I would not see it through, and so just to prove her wrong I started, thinking that it will end up as a  short story, a couple of pages, and that should be enough to keep her quite.

Well, it was as if a tap had been opened and the story just flowed. I ate, slept, and dreamt Blood Moon over Africa until it was completed, but the story does not end there. Within two days I was back at the keyboard, off on a Blood Spoor, throwing poor Piet back into the thick of things, but he is the last person you need to worry about, as n Boer maak n plan.

All I can say is that I have been very blessed…the words just flow and I hope that all of you who have read Blood Moon over Africa enjoyed it enough to follow Blood Spoor in the Dark when Vanilla Heart Publishing releases it.


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