Just a Taste

Blood Moon over Africa    BMOA Cover

Adele stifles a scream that rises in her throat, she feels the bile rush up and threaten to choke her, she swallows, her breathing coming in rapid gasps, and she feels as if her heart is now in her mouth, sweat breaks out all over her body, she feels hot and realizes that she’s starting to hyperventilate. This can’t happen, if she hyperventilates, she’ll lose control and if she loses control she stands a very good chance of being bitten, and with no one to help her, she’s on her own.


The snake moves slowly along the top of the door, in no rush to go anywhere. Adele slows her breathing, her eyes never leaving the unwelcome visitor, and time moves on. She has no idea of time. She doesn’t wear a wrist watch, and even if she did, she’s stuck and too scared to move. She realizes that she needs to stay as still as possible, and not attract the snake’s attention which is a bit hard when you are sitting bare arsed on the seat of a long drop toilet. They are not built for comfort, she thinks.

The sun beats down, turning the outhouse into a mini sauna. Sweat runs into her eyes and burns, her shirt sticks to her body, her nose itches, and she has the urge to cough. She manages to swallow instead of cough, but her throat is dry, and feels like sandpaper. The heat is now intense, and Adele starts to feel faint. She’s slowly dehydrating and the snake has made no move to leave. Then, in the distance, she hears the roar of a motor and the sounds of a vehicle entering the yard.

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