Under The…”Cover”

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Yes, I know that I have slacked off with my posts, but sometimes other parts of life get in the way and it is not always easy to sit down and just hit the keys. The guest house, The Ibis Lounge has been busyimages (89) and it does tend to take up one’s time, not that I’m complaining as it is enjoyable getting to meet so many different people from different parts of the world, but that is now coming to an end as the business has been sold and Lucie and myself will be moving on once October comes around, but we have had a wonderful time here, but as they say, when one door closes, another one opens.

Now that is so true when it comes to all aspects of life. Let’s take my writing for example. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought that one day I would sit down and write a novel. In fact, it happened quite by accident and if you want to blame anyone, the blame rests solely on Lucie’s shoulders as she is the one who in August 2014 convinced me to sit down to do a short story, and then she comes along with these words…”I know you will start it, but you will not finish it”.

Well, that was the magic words that started off my new career as a wannabe author and within four months I had completed The Blood Trilogy and the rest is history. Now I just do not have the time to sit down, let my imagination take over and put all the ideas running around in my head onto paper but as always, Lucie will make sure I have the time.

Now back to that…” one door closes, another one opens.”

Due to certain aspects of my contract with my previous publisher which I will not go into out of respect for them we were advised by legal counsel to get the copyright back on all my work, which I must stress, I did with a heavy heart as they were very good to me in a lots of ways, but in this life, you have to look out for number one, and number one is yourself. So the books were withdrawn, and then I was approached by a wonderful lady called Eeva who cut to the chase and gave me some awesome advice regarding my work, something that I will always be in debt to her for and for which I am very thankful. This resulted in a total clean up, polish, re-edit, re-write of each and every one of the manuscripts…certain things that seemed to slip under the radar as being okay were picked up and sorted out with the result that there was a far better flow in the novel than when they were first published.

Apart from calling a spade a spade as far as my writing is concerned, she then went and off her own bat designed the magnificent covers for the re-release of The Blood Trilogy. Book One, Blood Moon over Africa,Blood Moon Cover 2 followed by Book Two, Blood Spoor in the Dark,Blood Spoor Cover 2 with Blood Demon-Revenge still to be born. Now how is that for one door closing and another one opening?

I just can’t praise her work enough. As you can see, these covers are in a class of their own…exceptional and if anyone out there needs a cover that is going to rock your world, you can find Eeva at this address… www.thebookkhaleesi.com. You will never regret making contact with someone who like her covers, is in a class of her own. Thank you for everything Eeva.DB0iVADXsAAf05E

Right, time for me to end off here, but before I leave, Blood Moon over Africa has been re-released on Amazon in the Kindle format, with Blood Spoor in the Dark due for re-release early September so if you fancy a thriller from Africa, tighten your seatbelt and get ready for a ride into the darkness.

Take Care out there and remember you never know what is watching from the shadows.Lion10 (3)


2 thoughts on “Under The…”Cover”

  1. It was my pleasure, Paul. Wonderful stories deserve wonderful covers. And I hate publishers who cause authors problems in the end and leave them out in the cold.


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