Bend before you break

Hi One and All,images (93)

Now this is no laughing matter…images (73)in fact it is a very serious situation so forgive me if I do laugh, it is only nerves at the future bringing on the laughter.

First off I don’t do politics, don’t get involved in debates around the various parties involved…just keep my thoughts private and when the time comes to cast my vote, I do my thing, put my X where I hope it will count but lately things in this wonderful country of ours have really started to get my back up.

At first it was a perfect place for comedians to gather their material, perfect entertainment to watch on TV while the circus was in town, but now the chief clown does not want to step down, and that is what has prompted this blog today.

The man in the highest post in the land turned 75 yesterday and I suppose he can use that as an excuse for messing up our country…after all he has started to run out of blame for this and that, so I guess he can now use the fact that he is getting on in years for his total disregard for the people or the country that he is suppose to be looking after…no wait a minute, I got that wrong…the whole purpose of being elected President is to take care of yourself, and stuff the rest…what matters most is how much money you can garnish from corruption, theft, and bribes and get it into off shore accounts…after all once his reign of power is over, and let’s hope that is soon…he can leave a floundering country and settle in any country that will be prepared to take the clown…but be careful…he is very quick to blame anything on racism…be it power outages, music too loud, car will not start, late for a meeting…it is racism.

Well I’m not a racist…I voted for change in 1994 along with thousands of other likeminded people but what we did not vote for is the state the country is in now…it started to slid when he took over the reins of office and it felt like we were being flushed down the drain and the man just does not care nor does he listen to the people…he sees himself as a power unto himself and is a danger to our Rainbow Nation.

I say this with tongue in cheek…if he had any brains he would heed the call to step down…he has not stepped down, in fact he has stood fast…makes one think huh?

Don’t get me wrong, I love this country, Africa is in my blood, I was born and breed here but right now the “captain” that is steering this ship makes me feel like I’m sailing on the Titanic and heading for an iceberg, and unless there is a change of course, this wonderful country with so much to offer and so much potential is going to sink, and not so many of us are going to be able to swim.

I suppose I could call this man a painter for all he has managed to achieve with his painting while in office is not a picture of a bright future with brilliant colors, but a dark foreboding picture with darkness all around…maybe it is because he is blind to the state of the country….no I’m wrong there…he has seen the woes of this country, and the people who live in it but true to form, it is not through mis-management on his part but once again it is the fault of racism.

People from all walks of life, color and creed, different political views including his own party joined hands and marched in a solid show of solidarity calling for him to step down on Wednesday but he had better things to attend to…his own birthday party…then to hear the cry of the people, so what do we now have? A dick, sorry I mean a dictator, one who has only his own interests at heart or do we have a puppet with someone else pulling the strings and he just dances to the tune they play…and ignore his own party…getting rid of people who have the country and the peoples interests at heart and not their own…and this was done like a thief in the night…mid-night…what a strange time for a cabinet reshuffle…but this time you can’t blame it on racism…all the racists are asleep at that time of the night…or they should be…after all they have a busy day ahead of them being blamed for the county’s  problems once again when the new day dawns.

So in the end this man has a vision…the vision being that he needs to turn this wonderful country into a reflection of our poor neighboring destitute country of my birth, Zimbabwe and if he remains at the helm it will no longer be a vision but a reality.

My message to this man is… A reed that does not bend in the wind breaks and there is an ill wind blowing in your direction so Step Down with dignity before you get brought down to the level that you have managed to bring this country too…the junk pile.

Thank you for your visit and God Bless you all.

Remember to Take Care and Stay Safe…you never know what is watching from the shadows…it just might be our “esteemed leader.”



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