The Flight from The Ibis.

Good Morning and a Happy and Safe weekend to all,

Life is very strange, you just have to take the rough with the smooth and that seems to apply to all facets of life…you get knocked down, get up, brush yourself off and start again, what the heck you say, “That’s Life”.

Life at The Ibis Lounge 12032068_772899666189902_3816294409974603633_nis really going along smoothly…admittedly there was a heck of a lot of systems that had to be put into place to ensure that all runs according to the requirements of the owners of this awesome guest house and that took my beautiful wife just ages to sort out, but I do believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and soon it will be a breeze keeping records, but I will admit that these past weeks have not been easy as there has been so much to do and record.

We hit the ground running when we arrived and are now only starting to slow down, but all in all it was great fun dealing with the avalanche of guests during December and January, and all I can say is…”Bring it on”. Lucie tells me that apart from breakfasts for guests as well as casual visitors I prepared in the region of 100 three course meals, now how is that for a rookie in the kitchen?12439157_817891198357415_5937114245725992189_n

I have to admit, I did have fun.

Now if you would like to see more about this awesome guest house, sitting in the amazing village of Nieu Bethesda 12003371_700178953446259_1368152052017028245_nand are possibly thinking that this sounds like the place for you to spend a night or two, here is the link to the web site…  …peace and quiet…star filled sky at night, the bark of the baboon…neigh of the horse and the odd cry of the jackal…what more could you want except maybe something cold to drink…well that can be arranged as well.

During the period that Lucie and I have been holding the reins all our guests have been just wonderful and it has been a really wonderful experience apart from two gentlemen who decided to skip out under the cover of darkness without paying. Now we were fully booked on the night they left, yet they claim they banged on doors, did the war dance, hung from the shower, which they broke  trying to attract attention as they wanted to pay. The amazing thing is that not one soul heard them so you guessed it right…bullwhat a load of bull.

They must have danced like fairies because no one heard a thing.

What they did is called Bilkering, and I wonder if that is how they paid for their trip…bilk here, bilk there, bilk everywhere. In short they committed fraud and are guilty of such an offence and will be brought to book. I was advised by the one that his husband is an advocate … now that is really taking a chance…a man who works within the law, breaking the law…himmmmm  makes one think what side of the law he is on and what it would do to his reputation if it was made public that he was involved in fraud. Anyway I have been promised that the outstanding amount that they tried so hard to pay on the morning they slunk out will be settled soon

Promises…what the heck is that…most of the time empty words just to keep someone else happy. As an Author, I make my income by the sale of my books, be it e-book format or hard copy. In this case when my first four books were released in print I was asked by various friends for signed copies which I duly did and posted it off to them all. Everyone who asked for copies paid up front for the books as well as postage, apart from one…I waited one full year for payment but it just never arrived yet the books were posted, collected and now more than likely are gathering dust.

It materialized that said “friend” was unemployed so I took pity on him and offered him a chance to rather post a review on my books in lieu of payment due to his situation…to date no reviews or payment but lots of posts on Facebook about some rather awesome holidays, trips etc so guess who has been taken for a ride. The fact is that this also falls under the title of Bilkering…committing fraud and I am sorry to say it also makes this person a liar, but I forgive him as I have already killed him off in my latest novel…not a nice way to die, but someone had to.

Thanks for reading my blog, take care and stay safe…remember, you never know what is watching from the shadows.

God Bless you All.


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