The World is made up of Hellos and Goodbyes

Hi Everyone,images-6

Well it is that time of the year again…”Good will to all mankind” and that sort of thing….so without any further to do, I wish you all a blessed Christmas and a Wonderful 2017. May all your dreams come true in the year to come? Remember to keep your feet on the ground when you reach for the stars.

Well, it has been quite a year for me, eight books published by Vanilla Heart Publishing, along with awesome covers which I thank them very much and some really awesome reviews and ratings for my work…what can I say but I have been blessed from above, and I thank our Lord and Savor for the blessing and guidance along this rocky road.

As you all know my loving Mother passed away on the 9th of September this year and on top of all that we were under all kinds of stress over the four weeks leading up to her passing as we watched her just fade away…it was not a happy time and during that time mistakes were made.

I suppose under that kind of stress people do not think clearly but one thing that was bothering the family over and above Moms condition was the fact that I had never received a sales report regarding my books nor had any distribution avenues been opened and as my only avenue to survival in this big bad world of ours is through my writing a letter was sent off requesting the latter but it would seem as if this letter has been taken completely out of contest and I no longer have a publisher.

Well the world is made up of hellos and good bye’s…that is life and when a curved ball is thrown at you…hit it out of the park, it only makes you stronger images (28)and believe me, Lucie and I have had plenty of those during our marriage and we are yet to stumble on this rocky road.

So now I’m a free agent…busy with book number fourteen and a further five books that have never been published…what is an author to do? Well I will tell you…carry on following my dream and hit the publishing world with everything that I have. Like I have said in the past, “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, and that is exactly what I intend to do, stay tuned it will not be long before ‘Fangs of Fury’ download-1ends up with a publisher.

It is with a heavy heart that Vanilla Heart Publishing is only going to be in my past and not my future as I really enjoyed the ride, loved my author family and really respected my publisher so I leave their world with no bitter thoughts or words, only regret that a few things could not be tackled head on and sorted out.

I thank them from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity, encouragement and support that they gave me. They are awesome in their own way and will always hold a special place in my heart…Vanilla Heart Publishing…stay safe and take care…you took me on a great ride…Thanks.

I would like to end off this blog with something that is very special to me. It is from a man who is not only a fan of my work but who has also become a friend, and is a fellow author. He asked me for my phone number a few months back, which I let him have reasoning that it costs too much to call from the other side of the world…the phone rang one day and I answered it to be greeted by a broad American drawl.

The reason he wanted to call was to tell me three things.

  • He worked on the set of “CARRIE” with Mr. Stephen King and wanted me to know that my writing reminded him of a young Mr. King.
  • He also told me that a writer like myself only came along every 35 years…I must embrace what lies ahead of me, accept it but do not let my ego get the better of me…I must hold on for a ride of a lifetime.
  • I have been given a special gift…use it wisely. He once had it but it has gone now. It is now my time.

Well I am still the boy next door, I get very self conscious when people ask me to sign a book or take a photo with them although I love talking about the books which I suppose is natural as the books along with my loving wife, running The Ibis Lounge and writing are my life.

I would like to say Thank you to the man from Thailand for taking the time to place that call and for his high praise and support regarding my work. I would also like to say a special Thank you to Angel and Philippe for their wonderful support on this journey.

I thank all of you who have supported me, not only in buying my work, but also giving me such strong support on Twitter with the RT’s and Follows, and Face Book with the post shares. To those of you who have left reviews…you are too kind and your time is appreciated as a review on any Authors book is so important to the Author and for that, I thank you.

Until next time, Take care out there, stay safe and remember, you never know what is watching from the shadowsLion10 (3)…God Bless You All.

P.S. Remember I’m not down and outcb34xc5wwaeazpj…I’m only starting to warm up and there are plenty of books yet to be written and Mr. Piet van Zyl and company have plans for me in the future…Africa is a big place, with myths and legends waiting to be exposed.


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