A Rip-Off & A Promise

Hi All,download-1

As far as this blog is concerned, it is something that has been simmering on the back burner for awhile now and I felt that it was just not my place to go out there and have my say, but then two weeks ago I went out and paid good money for a so called…”BEST SELLER.”download-1 In fact I bought three books, each one from a big name author.

Now my first question is this. How the hell can it be called a Best Seller until it has topped the charts…come on guys…on the front cover in big bold words…BEST SELLER…then the authors name takes up most of the cover with the title of the book coming in at a dismal last.

So I ask you just what are the publishers selling…the authors name with scant regard for the title. I had to pick the book up to see the title, but I had no difficulty seeing who was being promoted. To cut a long story short I started the first bookimages-3 because this particular author has always been one of my best reads and I was keen to dig in and be carried away.

After struggling through the first three chapters, download-2without going anywhere I decided to read the reviews for this particular book…you know the ones from Sunday Times,images-6 Washington Post, etc, etc and I found myself wondering if these people even bothered to read the book before doing their review, but why should they, after all the author is a big name in the game. The same can be said for the publishers…did they read the manuscript or just see dollar signs in front of their eyes…I reckon they just saw the dollar signs. Hell once the book has been paid for that is it…you can’t return it to the book store and tell the lady behind the counter you want your money back…so you have been ripped off and you are stuck with a book that is worthless to you.

Another two books later, different high profile authors, one or two chapters. The same story…each book not worth the paper it was printed on but rave reviews from across the world…images-5so tell me am I missing something here? You work your butt off putting out really good stuff…writing that captivates and entertains your readers then once you have made it and you find yourself in that upper echelon of authors…readers and your fans no longer matter…all that matters is making more money and your skill and all your hard work at building a fan base goes out the window and all you do is submit junk to your publisher who in turn sells your name and not the book.

I think that I missed the bus here…an author writes for his or her readers but the three books I bought were not written with any regard for me as a reader…in fact they were an insult to my intelligence and put on the shelves of the book store with one objectivedownload-3…rip off the reader and make money.

Now as an author that is the general idea, to make a living but at the same time respect your reader and give them something that is decent, not the C&%P I paid for. The sad part about it all is that these three authors are not the only ones trading on their name to sell their books…I say good luck to them but as far as I am concerned, I will not be spending hard earned money on supporting them in the future…it is just too risky…I will stick to their earlier work while they were putting out good stuff and before their egos took over their bank account.

They have lost all respect for the person who put them in the top echelon…the reader and that sucks BIG TIME, it also seems as if they have lost respect for themselves if they are prepared to shovel out the trash that gets labeled as a images-1…sit back and watch the sales climb because people out there are buying the name…Sorry guys, you can’t return it…once bought it is sold.


Anyway, enough of the BIG GUNS taking advantage of the little people…onto another type of RIP OFF. The Rip Off I am now on about is when the author is a newbie…struggling to make a name for himself/herself and orders and sells printed copies of their work to friends and family. Firstly the author under values themselves, so certain people get the books at half their value which is not the crux of the matter. The crux of the matter is when a “friend” insists on getting signed copies of your book with the promise that all costs would be covered including postage as soon as possible, so because you are a nice person you slip in one book at no charge, pay the insurance and postage and sit back and wait for payment. Well this happened to me, and these books were collected from the post office in February 2016. We are now in September 2016 and this person has shown no inclination in meeting the deal…in fact this person will not even talk to me…so I reckon the next one I kill off in a book will be them…don’t piss off an author, we can kill you over and over again, and I promise you, it will not be a nice way to die. Welcome to my Dark Side.

In my case, I form part of the majority of unemployed whites in this country of ours, and by selling my books I am at least trying to make a living, but when someone withholds what is due to me, it hurts in the pocket…more so as they did not put out any money at all…I paid for everything and entered into this agreement in good faith…looks like I’ve been RIPPED OFF.

I live in hope…I hope he enjoyed the books…after all they are my dreams of a better future.

I am not a BIG GUN author, but I have hopes and aspirations for the future, the same as a lot of other authors out there with dreams to share and the most important people in our lives, after family is you…the reader, so I leave you with this.

Thank you for taking the time to write a review, thank you for enjoying my dreams, thank you for buying my books and I hope that you come back for more.

I promise…I will never let you down. I take pride in what I write and value you, the reader.

Thank you for reading this blog.

God Bless You.


3 thoughts on “A Rip-Off & A Promise

  1. WOW, You know you have heard too much when you heard it all from one of the greatest authors in Africa. Paul zunckel .. He says what he thinks and thinks what he said. i think he is right with this one… and that being said here is a pretty good book to read http://www.createspace.com/6427774 from Alexander paw ONE SHOE in THAILAND – and for an excellent read that will make you to come back for more … read any of Paul’s Zunckel books – i have had the privilege to read all of his books, and I have never been disappointed to read his next… His books are full of HIGH-adrenaline plotting. a fan for life. thank you mister Zunckel -alexander paw (author) sorry about my self pun… but i just had to do it… one shoe in thailand-

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