Flying Free

Hi All,images (4)

For the past five weeks my loving wife and I have had to deal with the steady decline of my 86 year old Mom. It all started when she developed a pain in her side that needed to be attended to, which involved an ambulance, casualties, drip, x-rays and pain tablets…then a trip back home.

That is when it started…the decline…not wanting to walk, drink, eat or be active…almost as if she had made up her mind that enough was enough…no matter how hard we tried to get her to eat and drink, it was a major effort all round.

On Wednesday 7/9/2016 Lucie checked up on her and she was all smiles, coherent and asked me for a magazine to do the crossword…we thought that we had turned a corner and Mom was finally going to rejoin the human race…how wrong we were…half an hour later my Mom had left…all that remained behind was a shell that breathed.

We rushed her to hospital…once again a drip, oxygen, take blood, stand by  bed, watch her chest rise and fall etc, etc but then on Friday my brother Mark and I were privileged to be with her when she breathed her last and we were able to say “Good Bye Mom.”

My Father passed away on the 10/9/2009…Mom joined him on the 9/9/2016.

What is the point of all this…well I suppose it is my way of saying goodbye to a person who had a major impact on my life, someone that Lucie and I loved and cherished and someone that we as a couple were very privileged to have in our home for the past seven (3)

I helped the hospital staff wash Mom’s body and dress her after she passed and the biggest relief I got that day was removing the brace on her right leg…it felt as if I was setting her free, and now I know that she can fly.

After the funeral the most amazing thing happened…we had a pair of Eagles souring in the clear blue skies above the chapelimages…they called out to each other as if being reunited, rushed together and then as a pair flew near usdownloadss-1 and then headed off into the distance.images-1

Mom, we were very blessed to have you with us in your final years…never will a day go by when you will not be in our thoughts. On behalf of your whole family…We love you Mom…fly high in the sky, God Bless you and we will see each other again one day…say Hi to Dad.

Mom supported my writing from the very beginning, and every novel that I have written, she devoured with relish, and I know that she was proud of what I have achieved…my next one will be dedicated to her…she never got to read it in its entirety…but one of the last lucid things she said to me was…”It just gets better and better.”

God Bless you all.


5 thoughts on “Flying Free

  1. Now I see why you have become an author! You write exquisitely! Mom is now dancing with her smiling Ozzie on that proverbial ‘cloud 9’. I do know this Paul, your Mom and Dad are very proud of what you have achieved and you know what, I am too! Condolences to the Zunkel family – Rob Purkiss


  2. A beautiful tribute to your mom, and so wonderful that G-d gave you the chance to witness the two eagles which I agree was the symbol of your parents reuniting. May they always fly high as they watch over you and Lucie. Hugs my friend.


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