Meet Self.

Hi One and All,images (12)

Lets me get right to crux of the matter…THE BLOG…

What about the Blog you may ask, I mean there are most probably a bunch of you who have taken to THE BLOG like ducks to water…not that there is anything wrong with that, in fact I think that it is awesome and wish you the best of luck, but THE BLOG sits over my head like a rain cloud…after all I’m an Author…I love what I do which is putting my dreams into words and sharing them with all of you out there…but then along came the knowing voice of my publisher…and WHAM, for the first time in my life I was confronted by THE BLOG.

Now between you and me I would rather sit behind my lap top and let my imagination take me and you the reader out of our comfort zone and into a Thrilling Adventure with Piet van Zyl. That to me is what is important, writing my novels and getting them out to all of you who have taken that first step into the darkness, found that it is a page turner and are looking for more of the same, but I have a problem, it is called a conscience, (I call it SELF) and Self and I end up having this prolonged conversation where I would say to SELF…”SELF, the last thing I feel like right now is coming up with something entertaining for the BLOG”.

Now that just might sound crazy to you but it is the only time I get to have a decent conversation…when I talk to SELF. SELF knows me so well, after all SELF has been with me all my life…the point is when I argue with SELF, I can’t win…and THE BLOG gets thrown  up again and again.

To cut a long story short…SELF won so what you have just read is my latest attempt at THE BLOG.  Introducing my latest release by Vanilla Heart Publishing… CRY OF THE FISH EAGLECotFE CVR 1dF… Sit back, relax and enjoy. It is available in all e-book formats.




There you have it, Join Piet in his latest adventure…my promise to you is that it just gets better. We kicked off with Blood Moon over Africa and he is already completed his seventh adventure… ask yourself… LOL… ”Self, where have you been… sleeping?”

Take care and Stay Safe… Oh yes, never get into an argument with self…you will never win. Remember, you never know what is watching from the shadows…not even SELF knows that.                                   Sleep tight and pleasant dreams.



2 thoughts on “Meet Self.

  1. Love your argument with SELF.
    Would it comfort you to know my husband, also self-employed, fires himself at least once weekly, I wake up to his argument (taking both sides)!
    LOL, you guys are incredible… and I enjoy your blog.


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