If Life Gives You Lemons

Hi Everyone,Cd4ca8GWoAAkylT

You know the saying, “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”…Well that is just what happened on Tuesday to yours truly…I got a huge lemon thrown at me in the shape of my courageous 1995 Toyota Corolla deciding that it has had enough and packing up along the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere.

All I had for company on this lonely stretch of road was bush all around and a herd of cows who all gathered at the fence to watch the outburst display, but I guess they must have been disappointed as there was no outburst, just acceptance. I mean throwing my toys out of the cot would have achieved nothing…the car had died.

No noise, no bang…just enough is enough…the engine cut out and that was that. Me and cars, I will admit, I can change a tire…a fan belt at a push but that is as far as it goes…not my calling.

Luckily I live in an area where people are friendly, they help each other and of course no one goes anywhere without their mobile so it was call up a friend, and thirty minutes later I was being towed back towards the sanctuary of home.

On arrival the prophets of doom gathered,c (5) like vultures circling a lion’s kill. Each one offering their advice on what has decided to give up the ghost. Battery is flat; starter motor has packed up, and so on until a hero appeared on the horizonbff9e26a6ad89f04cfe21687f1a2de67 in the form of a neighbor who lives behind our home.

Before I could blink another one arrived and suddenly my poor car had her guts ripped from her, hoses hanging here and there, nuts and bolts over in a tin and suddenly the reason was obvious to the trained eye…my timing belt had broken…okay now we have problems…this is going to cost.

I covered my ears…don’t talk about cost to a man who earns a living from writing. images (93)Opening my eyes slowly I focused on Willem…a big grin on his face. Not to worry he says, I love taking engines apart and I will have this baby purring before too long.

Well today is Sunday, and he removed the whole engine on Wednesday…took it into civilization on Thursday…paid for the work at an engineer’s workshop, bought the spares needed including new spark plug cables as he noticed mine were rather old and came back home in the dead of the night.

Friday he helped himself to the shell of my Toyota, (I was playing…walk the dog) and started to put the engine back together again, with the help of his wife…the two of them assembled the motor on a table.

Saturday it was into the engine compartment…join the hoses, use the clamps…Where did this bolt go? Etc, etc and before long my faithful companion of many miles seemed to smile…now we needed to start her…cough cough  splutter and then fire…the engine is running better than ever before, but she will not idle on her own so it is back to the drawing board…

Sunday…rest day…no work on the car but we know what the problem is…the new look motor needs to be tuned, do oil change, new oil filter and with a little bit of luck and Willem’s passion for engines I should be back on the road soon.

The point of all of this is that you never know when you are going to need the help of someone along the walk of life so cherish those that you do have. They say kindness is always repaid by kindness so I guess that I have once again been blessed…and prayers are answered…sometimes not as quickly as we would like, but they are answered.

I asked Willem how much it is going to cost me? His answer , with a smile on his face was…”just pay for the parts and the work done at the engineers and give me a signed copy of your next book, CotFE CVR 1dFat least one day I can say I helped out a well known Author.”

That boggles my mind…if my car had gone into a workshop images (32)they would have made a killing, firstly charging me per hour…stretching out the work, charging me for the parts, and I would have been lucky if I was driving again by the end of the month…but thank you to a Good Samaritan, that is not going to happen…Oh by the way, I will keep you posted, but in the mean time you can go off and buy my books…who knows, I just might need those extra sales…lol.

Thank you and take care, you never know when your car is going to decide…enough is enough, and if that is not enough to worry about, You never know what is watching from the shadowsimages (33)…in my case it was cows…this time, after all I live in Africa.


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