One Year.

Hello All,images (49)

I can’t believe it, one year has passed since I became a member of the wonderful family called Vanilla Heart Publishing, and believe me, it has been an awesome year under the amazing guidance of K’lee, and I have learnt so much over the past twelve month and not only that so much has happened.

The support that I have received has been overwhelming, the advice and the awesome encouragement has just pushed me onward to more writing. It is something that I never saw myself as…an author, but I guess you can call me that now, even if I view myself as The Accidental Author,images (70) and for that I have to give full praise to my loving wife who pushed me to sit down and write, so to Lucie, Thank you for your vision and faith in me, and at the same time, Thank you VHP for seeing the gift that I never knew that I had.

Firstly I had my first novel published in e-book format under the VHP banner, saw my first video promoting the book and saw what a cover revel is all about and there are no words to explain to you just how I felt…I can use “excited” as that is the closest to expressing my feeling. It was like a kid at Christmas, opening up a brightly colored gift, filled with anticipation of what was going to be inside the box.

Let’s talk about seeing the covers for the first time…all I can say in this regard is WOW! Every cover for each book has just taken the wind out of my sails…each and everyone is so darn good and it makes me very proud to be a part of this awesome family.

Twelve months have gone by so quickly…in fact they have flown and in the beginning I was told to hold on tight for the ride, and to remember to breathe deeply, and believe me I’ve been holding on, enjoying the ride, but still have to stop and breathe deeply every now and then, pinch myself to make sure that I am not dreaming, but I am living the dream. I’m doing something that I love, something that I have been blessed with, something that gives me great enjoyment and I hope something that give you, the reader great enjoyment as well.11923250_1601484650074128_1186049125472057654_n

Over the past twelve months I have been writing non-stop…the stories are just lining up to be told and to date there are seven novels out there, all in e-book format as well as five available in print, but not only that five of them have been translated into Afrikaans, one into Italian with more to come, so for a change it is not me who has to hold on for the ride, but you dear reader…get ready for a roller coaster ride, that I promise you.

I’m not going to list my novels here, but if you are interested in the books that have captured people’s imaginations, taken them to another world, books that turn the pages themselves and books filled with Adventure and Thrills, visit my Authors Page on Amazon at this link…

Thank you for your visit, Stay Safe and take care…You never know what is in the shadows…watching you.images kk(31)


2 thoughts on “One Year.

  1. One just can’t get enough of Paul Zunkel’s books – each one a real action packed page-turner from start to finish


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