Don’t Judge a Book

Hi everyone Thanks for joining me again.images (4)

Today I want to give a shout out to my wonderful publisher who not only publishes my work, but in fact designs the covers for each new novel, and I would just like to showcase all the covers that have been done to date.

Each one of them is awesome, and I am sure that you will agree. They say don’t judge a book by its cover…but in this case please feel welcome to do just that…each and every cover does justice to the novel…so Vanilla Heart Publishing…I salute you.

VHP logo left banner

Cover for Blood Moon over Africa.

BMOA Cover

Cover for Blood Spoor in the Dark

CVR BSinD front

Cover for Blood Demon-Revenge


Cover for The Devil in Eden

Devil 3

Cover for The Smoke that Thunder.


Cover for Mask of Deceit


Cover for Into the Darkness


Cover for Cry of the Fish Eagle…soon to be released.


You have to admit, it is quite a collection, and if you have read any and enjoyed it, please leave a review. If you have not yet found the courage to step into Darkest Africa…take your courage in your hands and jump in…you will be taken on a ride that you will enjoy.

Stay Safe, and Take Care…as always, you never know what is watching from the shadows.

images (45)




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