A Rock & A Hard Place.

Hi There Everyone,images kk(31)

Glad you took the time out to join me…Thank you.

Right, where am I right now it feels as if I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I have just finished my latest Piet van Zyl Adventure, but the covers are not yet ready to come off so we will say no more about that just yet.PvZ Adventure Thriller SW series cover

There is still a heck of a lot of work to do, edit, proof read, edit, proof read, re-write before it is even ready to be sent on to my awesome publishers, Vanilla Heart Publishing…and then it is that wait until you get the thumbs up or down from them12003371_700178953446259_1368152052017028245_n…now that really make me feel like a cat on a hot tin roof…the waiting.

The reason why I feel like I’m between a rock and a hard place is that I have been told to re-charge the batteries before I sit down and attack the key board again…but I’m chomping at the bit like a race horse wanting to get going.

So many ideas just running around in my head…so many books to write, so little time.

My latest release from Vanilla Heart Publishing has been “Into the Darkness” and here is a small taste for you to sample.


The unconscious man slides down the steep embankment, his head striking a rock on his way to the bottom, opening up a cut above his right eye, until he finally comes to rest at the bottom, the brush covering his limp form, the only sign of life is the steady rise and fall of his chest.

“Sleep well van Zyl…that is if you ever regain consciousness you prick…I spit on you, and wish you well in the afterlife.”

The sound of the departing truck fades, and the songs of the people of the bush echo through the night. The moon climbs to its zenith in the night sky and a chill settles on the ground…movement in the gully…a Mozambican Spitting Cobra, 1.2m in length moves towards the still form of the man, and slowly slips under his body, seeking the warmth that the man offers from the chill of the night.downloadpppp (1)

The man groans as consciousness slowly returns, and pain lances through his head, his body shifts slightly causing his sleeping companion to move under him. The snake is warm and sluggish and feels no threat from its choice of bed partner, as it pulls its 1.2m coils tighter under the man, drawing the heat from the body above it.images (31)

Piet slowly opens his eyes, darkness all around, not knowing where he is and having no memory of how he got there, he lies in the darkness trying to bring up memories. Something deep inside him is telling him not to move for there is danger nearby; he feels the body of the snake under him, and something he is not use to clutches at his heart, the cold fingers of fear, and in the chill of the night, Piet van Zyl starts to sweat.


Not a great situation to find yourself in…will Piet get out of this one? The only way to find out is to read the book because I am sworn to secrecy.

For those of you out there that would like to read my books in Afrikaans…12742622_10208810841053198_1784419977459292507_nthey are there waiting for you and my “Sound of Thunder” is available in Italian, so go ahead and give one a try. I must warn you that I have received various complaints regarding the books from readers, and I just love it…feedback like this is AWESOME.

  • “I have to tell you that I got so caught up in your Blood Demon that the time just slipped past and I ended up missing my favorite TV program.”
  • I thought a great cup of coffee along with a good read would be the ideal way to spend the afternoon. My coffee got cold, I forgot all about it. Thank you.”
  • “Into the Darkness really captivated me…in fact I forgot to eat.”

There you have it, Thank you for joining me and remember to take care, you never know what is watching from the shadows.

Sleep Tight. 2(1)


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