Mothers Worldwide.

Hi All,images (4)

Today is a very special day…I suppose because it is felt that one day a year be put aside and called Mothers Day. Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m not against Mothers Day in any way at all, in fact I am all for it…but why have one day for Mothers…every day of the year should be a special day for Mothers all over the (3)

Mothers are the ones that nurture the family, guide and offer support. Mothers are the ones that stay up at night when a loved one is sick…in short Mothers are the glue that holds a family together.images (28)

Mothers are the most precious thing to have in your life…they love you unconditionally and give up everything for you, so Mothers should be respected, loved and cherished because when your Mom is no longer in your life, she will leave an empty void that cannot be filled…after all she is your Mom.Bvx7XrIIMAAEWAc

If you have kicked your Mom to the curb, for whatever reason dig deep inside yourself and realize that if it were not for your Mother, your future could have been very different. You do not know what your Mother went through for you, you do not know of the sacrifices she made, you have no idea how brave she was when she had to stand up for you and you have no idea what she gave up for you…so get a life…love your Mom and let her know it.hhhh

It pains to me say this but there are people out there whose lives are just too busy to care about poor old Mom, stuck away somewhere in a so called retirement home and forgotten about. I mean come on people, how much time does it take out of your busy day to pick up the phone and call her, find out how she is doing, does she need anything, but most of all, just tell her you are thinking about her and that you love her…man that really put a dent into your precious time, but think about it…that call meant the world to your Mom.

What about those who have their elderly Mom’s at home with them…LOVEdon’t forget them like something on the mantelpiece…make sure that they are always a part of the family, engage them in conversation…talk to them and most importantly, let you Mom know that you love her.

Like I said, Mothers Day should be every day of the year…after all if you did not have a Mother, you would not be reading this…so put aside five minutes, make that call, or if you are able…visit her. Let her know that you think about her. Don’t wait until Mom has passed on to shed any tears…make the most of your Mother while she is still with you…she will appreciate it more than your crocodile tears when she is no more.CROC

To the entire worldwide Mom’s out thereimagesl7 (56)…I salute you. You are the backbone of the family, the guiding force and you stand up for what is right, Mom’s Taxi…Soccer Mom’s…Shoulder to cry on Mom’s…Homework Mom’s…Chief bottle washer and cook Mom’s…Doctor Mom’s…The list just goes on and on…you are wonderful, amazing and just plain awesome.

To my Mom…Mom I love you images (96)and Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you have every done for me.

God Bless All.


One thought on “Mothers Worldwide.

  1. Oh how I’ve missed my friend Paul. And here we are again. I lost my dearest Mom when she was a mere 50 years of age. She remains with me all these precious years. Thanks for the scary bit of a tale. Just enough to gather warmth from the snake. A comedy?
    Best to you, my friend. Might you have a dog? I need some dog stories and soon.


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