Hi All,Lion 9 (3)

Today my daughter turns twenty six years old…Happy Birthday Keli..12002123_10153625221228377_961861742181347175_n.heck just where has the time gone, and that is a problem for me…I still reckon that I am the youngest teenager in town and it only feels like yesterday that I left school but so much water has gone under the bridge since I left my innocence behind and found myself serving in the SADF for the next two years..Not to mention the forced call ups to one and three month army camps every year for the next ten years.

Anyway like I said, water under the bridge…but time does seem to move a lot quicker the older you get, or maybe in my case, I get so involved in my writing that I don’t even notice time as it moves past…in some cases I have woken up thinking that it is Thursday, only to be informed by the powers that be in this household that it is in fact Friday…damn I lost a whole day, then I check my manuscript for my latest WIP and see another four thousand words have been added…at least I know I was busy on Thursday.

My journey as a writer has been nothing short of fantastic. If you stop to have a look at how my year has gone so far, that is from June 2015 up till now… it is just amazing.

Since I signed with my publishers four of my novels have been published in all the e-book formats, in print as well as in English and Afrikaans. Another one has been published in e-book and print and now one of my short stories is going out in Italian.

That is a total of six book since my journey started with number seven just around the corner, so you can forgive me for loosing time…so far it has been one hell of a ride, but I am enjoying each and every second of it.UntitledNMKJ

Something that amuses me no end since I have put myself out into the world of Face Book and Twitter as an Author is the number of ladies that make contact, and one of the first questions that gets asked is…”Are you single?”…”I want to meet you.”…”I’m looking for a guy like you.”…Slow burn 1It is not as if I hide the fact that I am very happily married away, and far from single, but my question is…Where the heck were you all when I was a young buck, then we could have talked, but like I have said before, and I will say it again…I am very happily married and consider myself incredibly lucky to have found Lucie…she is the rock in my life, my support system and my soul mate…but no don’t go and tell everyone…it will spoil my fun, after all it does wonders for my ego to get propositioned.

But what is it? Is there a stigma attached to the title, Author. When I was just plain Paul the only person to proposition me was my loving wife…time moves on and nothing has changed…I am still happily married 10251986_808613975833544_2808521953749402771_nand as much as my ego gets boosted…I will always love my wife and have no intention of ever changing my life style.

To the young ladies out there…Thanks for the attention girls, but my advice to you is to go find someone else to play with, but take care and stay safe…you never know what is watching from the shadows. DarksideIf you really would like to take me to bed with you…you have a choice…grab one and enjoy.

You will find them all waiting for you in anticipation at

Cheers everyone, Thanks for joining me.



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