Look Behind My Mask

Hello Everyone,Cd4ca8GWoAAkylT

Well we all made it through the first three months of 2016 and now we start off month number four with what is known as April fool’s Day. This day is special to me, as it is the day that I said “I Do” to my wonderful wife of fifteen years. Now why get married on April fool’s Day…two reasons, firstly I will never forget our anniversary, and secondly it was the second time around for both of us so we reckoned that only fools tie the knot twice, and it has been a heck of a rough ride…not the marriage, but what life has thrown at us and in the end it has only made us stronger, and brought us even closer together.

Allow me to share a few of the curved balls that have been thrown our way.

  • I was in Air Traffic Control for just under twenty years when I found myself being retrenched…why you may ask…simple…I live in South Africa…we were told we are top heavy with white males and some of us got kicked to the curb to make way for people of other color. Mind you none of them were qualified but they got the job. Am I bitter about it…not a chance…read on and you will see why.
  • We had just had our first home built when I was retrenched, and suddenly no job…what the heck were we going to do. Well we took the bull by the horns…sold the house at a loss, took my payout pension and bought a beautiful 150 hectare farm in the stunning Katberg. After a lot of blood, sweat and tears we turned the farm into a guest farm, with our long term plan of living out the rest of our lives on the farm. We started doing very well, with self catering log cabins, six bedrooms in the main house, and things started to look as if the future was going to be rosy. We were not worried about the epidemic called “Farm Attacks” as we supplied employment to the vast majority of Africans that lived in a small settlement called Balfour, and they were a wonderful people.
  • We grew our own vegetables, got our drinking water directly from the river high up in the mountains, and ran on diesel, gas and paraffin. Heated up our bath water with fire. Life was great until the fires came.
  • One morning in 2001 fire arrived accompanied with gale force winds…after the smoke had settled we looked around to realize that we had just lost everything…pension, investment, future gone up in smoke. What next you may ask. We were not insured as yet.
  • The government declared it a disaster area and we were informed by more than one government official that we were entitled to disaster aid once they had done an assessment of the damage. The damage and loss totaled over One Million Rand. Forms were signed, stamped and signed again, with us being told that we could expect to get back about 60% of the loss…that my friend was fifteen years ago. Due to corruption being rift in our government it made no difference who we approached…the money was just sucked up by the system.
  • What the heck…so now what do you do…no source of income…people shouting for payments…we sold the farm to cover all our outstanding costs and with a bounce in our steps started off again at ground zero.
  • Try being a white male in this country…no matter your qualifications, jobs are just not open to you. My lovely wife was lucky enough to get employment, and she moved from a half day into a permanent position at the university and finally we were back on track…with me being the house husband…no problem, you should taste my cooking.
  • To cut a long story short that is all water under the bridge. We have given up ever seeing anything from the disaster fund…it will never happen…someone in government found something they would rather spend it on…well, good luck to them I say. Now the whole object of this little story of mine is to say how lucky I am with my wonderful wife. Not once has she ever complained about what has happened in our lives…she is the strong woman behind the man, and because of her I started to write, and the moral of this story is that each and every one of us are blessed with something. I am blessed with two things…Lucie and the gifts of being able too write. If we had not lost everything, if I had carried on my day to day work, I would never have sat down to write Blood Moon over Africa.

So there you have it. Life always throws curved balls at you. Some people catch them and run with them, others just blame everyone else around them…we caught the balls and ran with them. I am now a published author of five novels in print, four that have been translated into Afrikaans; I have a wife, a publisher and readers who believe in me, and there are a heck of a lot more books in me yet, so stay tuned for the next release…the tap is opened and the words just flow.

If you have not yet had a taste of one of my novels, be careful because when you finally decide to try one, you will be sucked in…you have been warned.UWild

Thanks for the visit, Thanks for reading this…God Bless you.

Life gives you lemons …we make lemonade.


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