Reality of Life.

Good Morning and Hello,Lion 9 (3)

Today when the sun kissed the sky I had no idea that I would be doing anything for my blog, but then I went to check my Twitter account, and there was a post for me asking the question…”Paul, why do you kill animals in your books.”…well the answer is really very simple.c (5)

I do not kill animals in my books, what I write is reality and in my writings I deal with nature…nature is cruel and kills animals. Africa is a land of beauty, but death waits in the shadows for the unwary. It is the law of the jungle…the mighty king of the jungle can’t walk into a Wal-Mart and order a rump of Impala…the pride has to kill in order to survive.images

The same can be said for all the great predators that roam the wilds of this wonderful world of ours. The Brown Bear or the mighty Grizzly is not vegetarian…they are carnivorous and they hunt in order to survive.

From the big cats of the wild right down to the cuddly cat lying on your couch…they are hunters…they hunt to survive…it is something known as the food chain. All living creatures be it large or small must eat in order to live.

Herds of elephant Cb37m2-UAAA9ZI5strip the bark from various trees in order to live and are therefore responsible for   killing the trees…once again an example of how cruel nature can be.

The Great White Shark, 11138485_10206548632127959_2260637321173851000_nhunts seal…the seal hunts fish…the fish hunt smaller fish…etc etc…Nature is cruel in order for the survival of a species.

The most dangerous predator on the face of this earth of ours is manCc5dn1tW4AcDubS…man who poaches the wild life, fishes the seas, kills the dolphin and whale, trophy hunts and encroaches on the habitat of the wilds…now that is killing animals.

The spreading of civilization into the wilds is bringing man more and more into contact with the animals of the wilds, and this is where the problems start. A lion or bear kills a young heifer…the farmer or rancher shoots the lion. The lion is only trying to survive, but then again so is the farmer/rancher looking after his livelihood.

So ask yourself…am I killing animals in my books or am I bringing reality into the novels?

The truth is always hard to swallow…it is a bitter pill, but then reality is the truth. My books deal with facts that I turn into fiction…I do not pull any punches but I do not kill animals in my books…predators of nature kill the animals…the evil and greed in man kills animals…I just call a spade a spade and do not hide behind a rosebush hoping it will go away. If I did that I might as well write fairy-talesimages (68) and not action thrillers.

My world is Africa. Africa is cruel…death hides in the shadows, behind the beauty, behind the superstition, behind the witchcraft and ancient beliefs…that is what I write about.


Oh before I forget, Take care out there…you never know what is watching from the shadows.



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