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Hi there everyone,images (87)

Please excuse me for blowing my horn, but things are happing in my life that I never dreamed would…firstly being a resident of this wonderful country of ours called South Africa, and being in the minority the chances of finding employment at my ripe old age which for those who do not know will remain a state secret rocks your world as you need employment in order to meet all those bills at the end of the month. Not only that you need a roof over your head, and I give thanks to the Lord that it is not the roof of a bridge that we shelter under, but the roof of a lovely home.

Anyway, now I am getting off the subject. What I am trying to say is that I became one of the many unemployed in this country three years ago..images (34).and no matter how hard I tried to find a job, I was over qualified, too old, too experienced, had too much to offer…oh and too white as well. Now this is not a political thing…it is just the way things go over here…the truth is the truth, there is no getting away from it, and sometimes the truth can be ugly, so I apologize if I have offended anyone out there but before you jump up on your soapbox…come and walk in my shoes and many others in the same position first.imagesl7 (56)

In August 2014 my darling wife convinced me to sit down in order to compile a short story, the title then unknown. I was challenged by her that it was something I would not complete…to cut a long story short, Blood Moon over Africa was born and my life as an Indie Author started.

Writing gave me the escape that I needed to get away from reality of being unemployed…it also gave me hope for the future and so a new career was born…one of being a writer and hoping to take the world by storm. I am blessed from above as the words just flow…Blood Spoor in the Dark, followed closely by Blood Demon- Revenge…and now we get to why I am blowing my horn.

I am very proud to announce that all three books that make up The Blood Trilogy are now available not only in English, but in a second language…AFRIKAANS…and I have VANILLA HEART PUBLISHING to thank for that and for taking me under their wing as a VANILLA HEART AUTHOR.12742622_10208810841053198_1784419977459292507_n

When I started sending out query letters to various publishers, I got a lot of yes, yes, yes but the bottom line was they were all VANITY PUBLISHERS…which was no good…they seem to cruise the shallows of the Indie Author sea like sharks, just waiting to suck you in and take your money…with no real prospect of getting your books out there, unless you pay them, and then if you are lucky they do some work…come on people…since when do you pay someone so they can make more money out of you.

So now you can see why I am blowing my horn…to date VANILLA HEART PUBLISHING have published five of my books…four of them already out in paperback…so yes, I do see hope for the future, and with the blessing that have come down on me, there are many more books to come, so the best you can do is get your hands on one and start the journey, before you get left behind…there is a fire burning in me, stories to be told and a desire to carve out a career as a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.

Oh wait a minute…I am a Published Author…you can find all my books at




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