Fact vs Fiction…Affects Rating

Hi Everyone,Lion 9 (3)

I know that I have not posted for awhile, but I have been very busy doing research for my next novel, and with this one I can allow my imagination to run riot but I have to make sure that my facts are correct as the subject I am building into my latest novel around is a bit of a prickly issue…in fact the people involved in where I am going are not even prepared to talk to me about it, so I have had to rely on my dark side, what information I can gather from newspapers, magazines and websites. It is going to be a work of fiction…in fact all my novels are a work of fiction…but I do use facts to build up the story.

Now, let’s talk about fiction and facts.

I found a review on Amazon from a reader who kindly bought the e-book of “The Devil in Eden”Devil 3 which was great but I only got a three star review from them…why you might ask…because my book was a work of fiction. Surely a reader can see when they are looking at a book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo etc that the novel they are about to buy is listed as a work of fiction. If I had stated that “The Devil in Eden” was based on fact, I would have been given a five star review. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, this reader really has no idea how much of this novel was based on fact…well we will just keep him guessing.

The other fact that affected my rating in the review was my use of AFRIKAANS. Now I ask you, if I had used FRENCH, LATIN, GERMAN as some very well know authors tend to do without the translation, would the outcome have been different. My main character Piet just happens to be Afrikaans and colors his dialog with a touch of Afrikaans. I read novels that have Latin, French and other languages that pop up…I do not speak these languages…I do not understand them, but I get the drift.

After all it is the publisher’s prerogative to remove or keep a foreign translation from a novel…maybe I should have used Shona or Zulu or even Xhosa but the problem was..how do I get the clicks in there.

I thank you kind sir for taking the time and effort to post your review and your rating,as it means a lot to an Author  and apologize for not listing my novel as fact, but my imagination has to take the credit…the man-eater is fact. The fact that man is encroaching into the habitat of the lion is fact, the fact that this is going to bring humans into more direct contact with the King of the Jungle is fact, man is the easiest prey and softest to hunt is fact, the superstitions of the locals is fact but please leave a little room for my imagination..the rest is all Fiction.

Please be warned…in my WIP…I use Portuguese as well as Afrikaans and Mask of Deceit has Italian being thrown around.

Just a little hint for all of you out there…most of my work involving Piet van Zyl is based on fact with a touch of my imagination running wild, but for those of you who do want factual stories…they are out there…look for them, and those who want to be entertained…well look no further, read my books, they will entertain and captivate you.

All my books, which are works of fiction with just a touch of facts can be found in all the e-book formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo and iApple and for those of you who are not sure which is fact and which is fiction…here is the list.

  • Blood Moon over Africa Fiction   well most of it…you decide.
  • Blood Spoor in the Dark Fact turned into Fiction…how much is Fact…you decide.
  • Blood Demon-Revenge Fiction with a touch of Facts…the rest my imagination.
  • The Devil in Eden Fiction mixed in with Facts…The lion does hunt in the dark.
  • Mask of Deceit ..I promise. Blame my dark side for that.

Right, I have had my say for today, Time for me to go out and gather the FACTS…so that I can turn them into FICTION for your enjoyment and reading pleasure…after all that’s what reading a novel is all about, but remember if you are looking for FACT…read History books, don’t read mine, they are all FICTION.

Take Care out there and stay safe…remember you never know what is watching from the shadows…AND THAT IS A FACT.imagesl4 (56)

HAMBA KAHLE …That means…Go Well…Oh it is Zulu.





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