The Re-Tweet Train

I know that I stand a chance of stepping on some toes or denting an ego or two but ego’s have nothing to do with what I have written about…it is just home truth…some are plan lazy, don’t give a damn while others believe in themselves and there ability and are not scared of joining the Re-Tweet Train.

Hi Everyone,images (87)

The re-tweet train…what is that?

Simple really…it falls under the banner called NETWORKING.

Now how is this achieved?

Simple really…you re-tweet the people who take the time and effort to tweet you. That way you are able to spread your net wider across twitter land. It is all about supporting each other, and what is so hard about that? Nothing but a few minutes each day, helping to get the word out there. The ones that support you, deserve to get your support in return

One think that I have noticed since I have become an active member of Twitter Land is that a lot of people simply follow you in order to get a follow back to make up numbers behind their name…you tweet them as religiously as possible…and what do you get in return…a big fat zero. So what is the point in them following you unless they are there to support you?

These people are a dead weight, they know nothing about networking, and are only along for the ride. Quote:” Look at me I got 1.2mil followers..I don’t need your support..yawn.”

The same can be said about Face book…I mean come on…how much effort does it take to share another authors post with your followers. It all boils down to the same thing at the end of the day…NETWORKING, and why else are you on Face book as an Author unless you want to get noticed and get your work out there, so NETWORK people…share those posts of Authors that are friends on your page…and you will find that they return the favour.

Your ability to reach a wider audience regarding your books all rests on you. Share the posts, re-tweet the tweets and the ripple will get bigger.imagesl7 (56) Ignore it and you will end up stagnant…tweeting the same old thing to the same old people…posting your posts to the same old people.

Come on…WAKE UP…Support each other.images (32)

To those valuable people out there in Twitter Land and Face book that do take the time and effort to re-tweet and share…you guys are ROCK STARS and deserve all the support that you can get, but to the rest out there that sit on the fence and just accept the re-tweets and shares as your right, without bothering to return the favour…be careful…one day you will wake up and find that you are all alone.

Keep in mind, social media is all about networking, and although there is strength in numbers…it only works if everyone plays ball…so basically sitting on the fence will work against you in the long run. stop hanging aroundimages (34) those who support you and you will reap the rewards.

I have been very lucky…I have ROCK STARS dwho follow me and support me…and to you all…my heartfelt thanks for your time, your effort and most of all your awesome support.

To everyone who is following me, I thank you for your interest and hope you enjoy the ride…oh yes and don’t forget…I thank you for your support.

Remember, take care and stay safe, you never know what is watching from the shadows, or for that matter, what is hidden behind the Mask.CYVK2hpU0AAvZ4R


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