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Good Day to you all,m

Now as you know by now, I live in Africa…to narrow it down a bit, South Africa, the so called Rainbow Nation, and apart from all the hiccups, stumbling around and bad decision that go on in this wonderful country…it is still home, and as they say, home is where the heart is. It is also where I find my inspiration for the stories that I write.

This is a land that is filled with wonder, beauty, teaming with wildlife and filled with superstition, ancient beliefs, myths…still struggling to  enter the 21st Century…but who am I to complain, as it fills my head with wild and strange images and my imagination just takes on a life of its own.

Now, I used the word complain. Well I do have one complaint that I wish to share with you, and no…it is not political…it is incompetence. The incompetence of our wonderful Postal Service to do the job they are paid for.

My awesome publishers, Vanilla Heart Publishing VHP logo left bannersent me two parcels last year… (now that sounds great). These two parcels contained my Author Copies of four of my books, namely, Blood Moon over Africa, Blood Spoor in the Dark, Blood Demon-Revenge and The Devil in Eden.

These parcels were posted on the 3/12/2015…The first was collect by myself on the 28/12/2015, and with much excitement was opened…great joy…but there was a small hitch. Somewhere along the line I have a fan in the Post Office service as they helped themselves to five of my books, which can only mean that free enterprise is alive and well in this country of ours. The downside of the theft is that I very much doubt if I will ever get a review from the fan…oh well…win some…lose some, maybe they will buy my next book…Mask of Deceit.CYVK2hpU0AAvZ4R

The ridiculous thing that really boggles my mind is that parcel number two…sent at the same time is yet to reach its destination. So far it has been sitting at the Post Office hub, and not moved at all…the funny thing is, they have a so called Customer Service phone number, but what a waste of time calling it…all you get is a recording telling you how important your call is to them, and to be patient…heck I sat on that line for twenty minutes and not once did I get to talk to a human being…I guess I was just not important enough. Reckon they were just hanging around, passing the time of day.images (34)

Today is the 12/01/2016…fifteen days have passed since my parcel arrived in sunny South Africa…the service we get is awesome…they really know how to make you wait in anticipation, and don’t even try tracking the parcel on their system…it is offline more than on.

I reckon we work on African time in this country…hurry up slowly.

Well that is my rant for today…in a couple of word…Our South African Post Office Service Sucks.images (6)

Now onto something really awesome…just to bring you up to date. Vanilla Heart Publishing have just released the Cover Reveal for my latest novel, titled Mask of Deceit.

Here is the link……have a look at what is in store for you.

One more thing, and then I am out of here.

I received an awesome review for Blood Demon-Revenge…The credit for the cover goes to Vanilla Heart Publishing…High Five Guys….Below is the review.Demon

“Moving on to the second novel that I found in my Twitter feed, I see Blood Demon: Revenge by Paul Zunckel. Now whereas I saw nothing appealing about the cover of The Screen Conspiracy, Blood Demon: Revenge has some good stuff going for it off the bat. First of all, there’s that title–very pulp horror-ish. And it’s written in red on a mostly black cover. It’s dramatic. The cover image itself is dramatic, too. You’ve got a dark scene in which some costumed men are standing around in some kind of circle–it reminds me of some occult ritual that I’m peeking in on. And the scene is illuminated by a shower of sparks. I can’t tell you exactly what I’m looking at, but it’s evocative–and evocative is a quality that eluded what I saw of The Screen Conspiracy.

The cover by itself gives me hope that I’m going to get a good first scene out of this story. I  encountered no Huh?s in the first paragraph, and Mr. Zunckel wrote a line in that paragraph that intrigues me–it’s an effective hook to keep a reader engaged with the story. He wrote, “It’s been two weeks since she last helped herself to a passenger’s luggage, and she didn’t want to get caught now.”

The opening paragraph hooked me.

The first scene break arrives just six paragraphs in, and I wanted to keep reading. So I did. I made it all the way through the prologue, and the only thing that made me even half-Huh? was when he didn’t use a hyphen for a compound adjective where I would have. By itself, that’s not even worth mentioning, because I don’t even know for sure that his choice was wrong and mine is right. And that’s not the point of a Huh?, anyway. The Huh? isn’t for things that stop you cold. It’s for things that really don’t matter until they’ve piled up.

Paul Zunckel writes a great first scene, and in his prologue…


…he uses a snake to kill a luggage thief! Out-fucking-standing as far as I’m concerned.

Zunckel hits his first scene out of the park.”


That is me, done and dusted…Take care out there…you never know what is watching from the shadows…sleep tight.ima


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