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Well it is that time of the year again…another day older and deeper in debt…or maybe I should say…”The silly season” when accidents happen, people do things without thinking, drink too much images (34)and sometime they live to regret it…but do they learn anything from it…that is the question?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing against having a drink or two to celebrate…an ice cold beer or brandy and cola packed with ice goes down very nicely…images (61)my problem is with people who don’t know when to stop…in other words have no will power to say no, but go with the flow.images (89)

Allow me to tell you a story about drinking too much, and why my stance is what it is.

You may laugh…but in my younger days I was a bit of a party animal.download (2) I rode a Honda 900cc. My son had just been born, my daughter just turned two, and I attended a party at a friend’s house, and the drink flowed. Time to go home, I was asked if I was okay to ride the bike…what a question…of course I was okay…did I look drunk?

I started the bike, put on my helmet, zipped up the jacket, pulled on the gloves, kicked her into first gear and pulled away. I have no memory of riding home, but when the sun rose, the bike was parked in the garage…thankfully my guardian angel was watching over me and brought me home safely.

That was the last time I ever drank in excess…I had a responsibility to my two children…time to grow up, which I did. This also afforded me the opportunity to sit back and watch others at parties basically throwing their names away and then having to return the next day and ask for them back. Watching others drink until they hit that drunk stage was a real eye opener for me…the way they behave…they get louder…act stupid…get argumentative.article-1279388-09A22EE3000005DC-433_634x400..hit on other men/woman…forget they are married…I mean the list just goes on and on…all in the name of having a good time.

There is nothing more funny than watching a man who has had too much, suddenly turn into a Casanova in the blink of an eye, trying to chat up anyone in a skirt.images (73) On the subject of a woman that has had too much…well let’s just leave it there…you can use your imagination.

Since I have grown up, I find I enjoy the parties more and the big plus is that there is no hangover in the morning…I awake refreshed and ready to greet the new day or New Year, and I don’t have to go and fetch my name.

My message to all of you out there is to take care, stay safe…enjoy yourselves and I wish you all the very best for 2016….Just think before you have that extra drink…you might not have a family that relies on you…but the person you kill on the way home just might have.

Say Good Bye to 201512341_10154616268404852_4902007659323768271_n

And Hello to 2016

Stay safe, and remember, you never know what could be watching from the shadows.Shadow 4


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