Family Values.

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As a child I use to count down the days until finally Christmas morning would arrive…sneak from my bedroom, into the sitting room where my Dad would have the tree, and this was not a tree out of a box…this was the real deal…from floor to ceiling and there under the tree would be a pile of brightly colored parcels…all different sizes and shapes. Now I had to share this special day with two brothers, and let’s not forget Mother and Father as well…plus my loving parents had this annoying habit of placing any other gifts for family that were not there under the tree as well…which was all good and well as it looked packed…but in the end, there were only so many for each one of us.

My folks were never really very well off…both of them worked hard for a living, they gave us a roof over our heads, put food on the table, sent us to school, clothed us…but most of all they loved us, and at Christmas they always seemed to be able to answer that letter to Santa…except for one Christmas…my letter never arrived at the South Pole. I ended up with a fishing rod, reel and tackle…despite my protests the next morning…the sun was not even up yet, my brothers and I got dragged down to the beach…for what…to fish of course.

Bait your hook with pilchard…wrap cotton around it to hold it on the hook…cast in your line, and wait until that tug on the line tells you something is interested in what you are selling. If you were lucky you pulled back and managed to hook the poor fish, reel it in, and then struggle to remove it from the hook. Whatever was caught in those early morning hours was taken home, and Mom made breakfast with it. To this day, I cannot stand the smell of fish, raw or cooked…I do not fish…I have no interest in it at all…but it is a memory that will stay with me forever…Christmas morning…three fishing rods lined up against the tree.

God Bless you Dad, you tried to get me interested in what you loved…I hope the fishing is good up in heaven.images (10)

Family is very important…not only over the festive season…that is for all the wrong reasons…family is important all year round, and we must all cherish them while we are able to enjoy their company, love them, excuse them for their shortfalls…remember you can choose your friends, not your family and sometimes we even make a mistake there as well, get led by the nose until it is too late to realize…so be careful…images (76)some people are wolves in sheep’s clothing…they are only there for what they can get out of it.

Now back to family. Most people have got what they call family values…most people love their parents/children unconditionally…no matter what, but there does come a time when one parent will poison the minds of the other with regards to the children. Now this happens if the mother/father has remarried. In my case this is very close to the truth…not with my children…I could not ask for a bigger blessing than my Son and Daughter…but in the case of my wonderful wife…it is a different story. She has two daughters, both of them were maids of honor at our wedding…things were great…wonderful girls…loved their mother…but then tragedy struck, and we lost everything in a fire…out Guest farm was burnt down, we lost everything and had to start at ground zero…no more money…the eldest daughter cut all ties with her mother for no reason at all. The younger one kept in contact and even spent Christmas with us last year, phone calls were exchanged, and then for no rhyme or reason…when my wife would call, normally on a Sunday evening, the phone would be switched off…just like that…all contact between mother and daughter was cut.

Now what can be behind a switch in feelings…is it the father holding the glint of money over them…filling their minds with lies…how can a child’s love for a parent change overnight…no matter how old they are. The same can be said for a parent forsaking a child for a new partner. To this day she has had no contact with either of the two girls…not from want of trying…the phone just gets disconnected or goes over to voice mail.

My problem is this. If something were to happen to their Mom…how do I let them know…they are not interested in her now…would they be interested then?  Don’t wait until something drastic happens to make contact…stay in contact always.

A phone call to a parent can mean the world, and not just over the festive season…but now and then…a call to say Hi…thinking about you…love you. Is that so hard?

Children are a gift from God..f.but then the parent is a gift to the child…someone who will love and cherish them, guide them on the road and always be there for them.

My wish to all of you out there is that you all have a safe and wonderful festive season…enjoy your family…even the black sheep…family is important…and to those of you out there…if I have hit a sore point…good…do something about it…reunite with that family member…even if it is just a phone call…touch someone this Christmas…tell them you love them.10417551_872345036156061_3346691608532372289_n

Don’t be too proud to admit that you were wrong…pride is a sin…forgiveness is a virtue…build that bridge between your son, daughter, mother or father and I wish you a blessed Christmas.

Stay safe…and remember…you never know who is watching from the shadows.imagesNSPCVTHZ

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2 thoughts on “Family Values.

  1. A very poignant message and one I can relate to. My parents and my husband’s parents passed away 34-38 years ago (all 4) and we are very lucky to have had them as long as we did, miss them every day but no regrets. We have beautiful relationships with our offspring and their spouses, and enjoy really nice friendships with our sisters and their husbands (my sis is my BFF), and a handful of cousins.
    But… we do have some relatives and supposed friends that dropped us suddenly as well; some of the reasons include lies or misperceptions; what bus me though is that I have a beef with someone, I talk to them directly, it may not solve anything but then again it just might.
    In the end, please forgive my ego, if someone else doesn’t give two hoots enough to try, I’m probably better off without the drama. I am richer for my TRUE friends and not the fair-weather kind. I’ve never closed a door, but I don’t need to keep waving people in when they turn the other way.
    I do feel for your wife though and while it hurts her deeply I am sure, in the end those daughters will realize and regret what they could have had and lost. Hugs to you both.


    • Hello Chelle,

      Thank you very much for your kind words. It was just something that I feel very strongly about…family is so important and I can’t understand what happened with Lucies two her grand children. They have cut ties completely. She was not even told the eldest was getting married..she heard it from an old friend of hers.
      Anyway, she seems to be coping as it is almost a year now. She still tries to phone, but not so often…I guess it hurts deep inside…so rather not try.
      Take care and I wish you and yours a wonderful festive season.


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