imagesScared, the word means a feeling of fear. Fear of what, something that goes bump in the night or the urgent ring of the phone after mid-night…or in my case it is the fear of the unknown…what does the future hold for me as an author.

The dark holds no threats for me…after all I live in the dark of my mind when I write, I get transported into another world, where death lurks in the shadows, and not everything is as it seems, so what is there to fear from the dark…nothing.

What is there to fear from the unknown, again nothing…that is if you know nothing about it and go about your day blissfully unaware of what is going on around you…but if you step into the unknown…you put your hopes and your dreams out there, then it is frightening.

What am I talking about? Writing a novel…putting your heart soul and everything that you have, into those forty thousand words or more. Believing that what you have written is awesome…you sit back and find yourself wondering where it came from…you read through the whole manuscript, not once, not twice and it still seems unbelievable.

Now that is not the scary part that is the satisfying part when you finally type “The End”. The scary part starts with your Query Letter…you keep on telling yourself…”believe in me”…family members rally around you…”believe in yourself” they say, and you hit the send key with hope in your heart, reminding yourself that dreams do come true.

You hit the jackpot…someone out there wants you.You have found a publisher that believes in your work…you sign the contract on the dotted line, and now you start to perspire…now it gets scary…because your heart and soul is going to be put out there for the world to see. What is the reaction going to be like? Is the reading public going to fall in love with your novel, or kick it to the curb? Crumple up all those hours of labour and love into a ball and throw it into the gutter.

You keep on telling yourself that what you have written is different…so different to all the other Authors out there…not like the big guns that have made their mark and now have best sellers on their name alone, never mind what the story line is…the public will buy it simply because SO IN SO wrote it…and tough takkie, once you have paid for it, there is no refund…and once again it is listed as a Best Seller, but is it really a best seller in story value…the answer is no…It is a best seller in name only, but the volume in sales puts it up there.

For example…A book by a well know author is being released in time for Christmas…it is already listed as a Best Seller…before it has even been released…come on people…talk about trading on a name.

Let me make something clear to you regarding what I have had to say in the above paragraph. I love to read…I have read since I was able to hold a book and certain authors out there captured my imagination…I would buy their books just because there name was on the cover, and over the years my collection of these authors grew…but one thing that I started to pick up is the more books they sold, the weaker the story line…the plot was there but they ended up spending so much time giving me directions to Archie’s Cafe, or the local pub that I ended up skimming the story as it had no bearing on the plot. Another thing that changed was the detail of what a character is wearing or the make of handbag the love interest was carrying. I mean come on…who gives a rat’s arse if the tall dark stranger was wearing a Cashmere Jersey, or a Black Bomber Jacket…it has no bearing to the story…all it does is increase the word count…so I ended up feeling cheated…instead of these authors getting better…they ended up putting a thirty thousand novel together, increased to eighty thousand by fifty thousand words of nothing. I now no longer support these authors…I would rather read a new author who has “the eye of the tiger” and puts their heart and soul on the line, with fire in their eyes.11923250_1601484650074128_1186049125472057654_n

The best thing for a new author…like me…is getting reviews for our work. I have been very blessed with the reading public that have bought my books, and have given me awesome reviews, Five Star ratings and have moved on to the next book. Because of this, I would like to share this extract with you. I would also like to take this opportunity to say Thank you to the readers who have supported me.11224052_1075405575804918_3075480545506251439_n

Quote from an article written by Angel Ernest:

“I have come across a few very genuine and lovable Published Authors. On the top of that list is Mr. Paul Zunckel. His writing is both terrifying and beautiful to say the least. As he resides in South Africa his stories are set in the African bush. What a mirror image of his writings!! Beautiful and yet terrifying. Mr. Zunckel has brought forth some of the best new characters to date. As with Mr. Brandon Mull the characters you can fall in love with grow attached to and feel like they are a part of your family each time you read a new tale. He makes you worry for them, feel pride in them when they overcome the challenges set before them, I could go on but I will stop there. As I stated before the stories are great! A good author will make you enjoy a good story but a GREAT Author will draw you in and leave his/her mark on you for the rest of your life. Mr. Zunckel has done just that, and if you take one moment to read his works you may find yourself agreeing with my assessment.”

Believe me, I’ve got fire in my eyes…the voices in my head take me into the darkness and if you would like to support a new author. If you are tired of vampires, lovesick school girls, lonesome werewolves come and join me as I take you into the darkness of Africa. A place of immense beauty, a land of many cultures…filled with ancient myths, a people ruled by superstition, where demons walk the night and witchcraft is a part of life. Where fact is fused with fiction and death lurks in the shadows or the shallows of the Zambezi River…come and join me…I am tired of being scared alone, and its dark out there…something is watching.Lion 9 (3)

Join me on my Authors Page:

Support a new author…they are bound to capture your imagination.

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