To Be or Not To Be?

To be or not to be…That is the question…imaTake a step into the unknown world of writing. All you have ever know is the books you hold in your hands and enjoy, written but other people…a strange kind of creature that has this amazing imagination, the ability to transport you into another world, create feelings of joy, bring tears to your eyes, have you looking under the bed at night and making you wonder at their ability.

Then fate steps in, and you find yourself doing just that…sitting down and writing. Something that you never saw yourself doing…something that you never even contemplated doing and before you know it after hours upon hours in front of the keyboard…your very first novel has been born…you sit back and think…download (1)Wow!, did I just do that…where did it come from?

It hits you right between the eyes…it is a blessing from above, it is a gift that has been lying dormant until the spark had been lit, and in my case my beautiful wife, Lucie2Lucie was the one who struck the match and ignited the spark. Blood Moon over Africa was born when she challenged me to  sit down and write this idea that I had been carrying around with me for so long, I can’t remember when the seed was first planted…so I sat down…thinking that it would be a short story. After all I had never seen myself as an author or writer for that matter, but something took over…my characters spoke to me, I lived and dreamed Blood Moon over Africa right up until I typed…The End (or is it?)TBT BMOA Release clip

Something took hold of me, and Blood Spoor in the Dark TBT BSitD Release clipjust unfolded in front of my very eyes, as if a tap had been turned on in my head and the words just flowed. Writers block…what is that? I can’t answer that question for I have not had that problem. Blood Demon-RevengeTBT BDR Release clip followed the previous two novels naturally, and before I knew it…The Blood Trilogy was there.3 cvrs on bg 2 for promo 5d

I must admit that once the voices in my head stopped their chatter I had a couple of good night’s sleep, but my journey into the world of writing was far from over…the voices came back and soon it was back in front of the computer with my good friend Piet van Zyl, and Devil in Eden Logo 2filled the pages, taking me to places I had only dreamt about, and you as a reader will find yourself being taken on a roller-coaster ride of thrills, suspense, superstition and just a touch of horror if you walk under the Blood Moon and follow Piet van Zyl into the darkness of Africa.

I have been taken under the wing of Vanilla Heart Publishing, and it has been a awesome ride so far, and I suppose that I can now call myself a published author…it has been an amazing ride, and I have been lucky enough to have some wonderful reviews published on my work…so if you are looking for something to read that is fresh…a different approach…something that is going to keep you turning the pages until you reach the end, look no further than the three books that make up The Blood Trilogy, followed by Devil in Eden. You had better hurry…there is more to come…the tap is open and the words are flowing.

All the links for the books in all e-book formats plus print copies can be found at    Join myself, Piet van Zyl and company as we take you into the dark, curl up and  enjoy the ride, but be warned…these books are addictive…and they bite.

I was asked by my publisher to do a short story…I called it The Smoke that Thunders…it is available on Amazon as an e-book…grab a copy and get a taste of Africa. Talking about a taste…here is a tease just for you. You can also find it in a compilation of all the awesome authors found in the Vanilla Heart family.12112263_1631000327150247_5470772151840623107_n


 Piet feels water lapping at his feet, looks down and the dry bank he was standing on has now been claimed by the river. He glances towards the sandbank… it no longer exists… the pod of snorting hippo are a happy memory, and the mighty Zambezi has taken on a new life all of its own. Debris clutters the now swiftly moving surface as the flood waters surge forward.

Debi feels the pull of the current as it clutches at the dugout, like fingers reaching out from the depths of the dark water. Determined to reach her goal, the plucky young lady digs in deep to propel her craft forward. The swiftly moving river reaches out, plucking the oar from her hands, and the frothy current wraps itself around the small dugout, which takes on a life of its own, spinning in the now swiftly moving water. Fingers of fear race down Debi’s spine. Panic sets in as the sound of the Falls hammers in her ears. Her screams of panic and fear ring out above the sound of thunder.


Now that you have got your feet wet, I will love and leave you.

Take care out there, stay safe…and remember, you never know who could be watching you…not everything that goes bump in the night is your imagination…it could just be mine.

What else can I say but…11951394_1617148641879464_1100264632956068246_n




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