Tribute to the Ladies

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Okay, Once again I have not been keeping my blog going on a regular basis, but last Saturday we had a bit of a hic-cup at home. For those of you that do not know, my Father past away just over ten years ago and I have been in the privileged position to be married to a woman who has a heart of gold…why you ask…because the earth had not even settled on my Dad’s grave and my youngest brother had already made arrangements for my Mom to go into an old age home…and Lucie put her foot down..Mom is coming to live with us, and so it has been since 2005.

Now the hic-cup I am talking about is that Mom woke up on Saturday morning, unable to walk…unable to put any weight on her right leg. So it was action stations…Ambulance, paramedics and a trip of just over 70 kilometers to the nearest hospital.bff9e26a6ad89f04cfe21687f1a2de67

X-Rays taken of the leg and what they revealed not only shocked me, but the medical staff as well. She has had two hip replacements, and the ball on the right side had jumped right out of the hip socket, but that was not what shocked us…the x-ray showed what looked like the work of a back yard mechanic that had wired up a cars exhaust to stop it from dragging on the road.

To cut a long story short, they put her into theater and manipulated the ball back into the socket, with the scepter of a long operation waiting for her if it pops out again, as the whole hip will have to be replaced again. Anyway she is now getting around with the aid of a walker and getting stronger each and every day. By the way she is 86 years old.

The purpose of all this is for me to pay homage to both the woman that have had such an impact on my writing…my Mom…for her support and belief in me…and to my wonderful wife, Lucie, who has stood by me through all the drama that life throws at you…steadfast support, encouragement, critic, editor, proof reader and sometimes my mobile Thesaurus, when I get stuck on a word, and my biggest fan.LOVE

Now birthdays come and go…Lucie celebrated her birthday yesterday and she has not aged at all in my eyes…she is still the woman that I was lucky enough to marry just under fifteen years ago, and I guess that I am just very lucky to have such a wonderful woman in my life, and she means the world to me…I just want to say Thank You to both of them in this media for the privilege of being able to share their lives, and be a part of it.

I guess that I am very blessed and privileged and wanted to share it with you. To Mom and Lucie…I love you guys.

Apart from the two ladies in my life that are my support system, I have a wonderful daughter, Keli that is so proud of her Dad…plus a son, Shane who also gives wonderful support.

Then I have my publishers, Vanilla Heart Publishing that has taken me under their wing, and brought my books to life…making them available to the world. Thank You.12112263_1631000327150247_5470772151840623107_n

To the Vanilla Heart Family, I thank you all for the amazing support on this journey of mine…you are all awesome.

I would also like to make a special mention of another special lady who has encouraged me in my writing…Angel…Thank You for believing in my work.

Now that all the drama is behind us…it is back to doing what I love…and that is writing, being taken into the darkness of Africa, kicking and screaming but I have no choice, for when Piet van Zyl says “ń Boer maak ń plan” , I have no option but to go along for the ride, and hope I come out of it alive.

Take Care everyone, and remember, the woman in your life are precious…treat them well.images (87)

Oh as a foot note I just have to put this out there. My middle brother Mark did not have time to read until I started writing, now he can’t wait until another Piet van Zyl Thriller is born. He got a copy of my short story…The Smoke that Thunders…This is the SMS I received from him.

“Just read Smoke that Thunders, brilliant Paul. Don’t know how, but you keep the good stuff coming. Double thumbs up”

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3 thoughts on “Tribute to the Ladies

  1. Paul, you are absolutely remarkable and your ladies and son are indeed lucky to have you in their lives (as is the VHP family). So glad that your mom is making headway and wish her well in her continued recovery.

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