Walk on the Wild Side

Lion 9 (3)I know, I have not posted for awhile, so please forgive me…my excuse is that I have been taken on a journey…screaming and shouting but to no avail as my characters are not the type to listen to me, after all, without them I would have nothing to write about, so when they talk to me…I heed their words…sit down and get plunged headlong into the darkness of mystery, myth, superstition, thrills and terror  that hides in the shadows of the African bush.

Not everything about Africa is hidden in the darkness. Africa is a land of immense beauty. Take a sunset or sunrise walk in the wilds.beauty_sunrice_african_wild_life_wallpaper_backgrounds..nothing like a silhouette against the stark beauty of the bush to take your breath away.

Sitting around a  campfire at night, 11998888_10207225989798434_9049416613563092301_njust letting the sounds of the wild wash over you…far better and more relaxing than the sounds of traffic pounding your ear drums, and if you like you can join the locals for a sun downer.images (61)..they take their drink neat.

The cough of a hunting lion.Lion10 (3)

The grunt of the resident hippo.images (6)

The chatter of the Vervet monkeysdownload (2)

The bark of the baboondownload.bjpg

The cry of the Fish EagleFISHjpg

The call of the wild, all in harmony will give you a sense of false security…be warned…don’t let your guard down for death lurks in the shadows and under a Full Moon. But don’t take my word for it; try one of my books, published by Vanilla Heart Publishing. All the links for e-book formats and print copies can be found at  www.vhpbooktours.com

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You have nothing to lose, except some sleep.

Stay Safe. 12112263_1631000327150247_5470772151840623107_n





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