Wake Up Call..SA..ISIS

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Some people out there will agree with me, and some people will not, but then that is why we have Freedom of Speech.

In 1994, when the Referendum was held, I voted for change, why, because I did not believe in Apartheid, and felt that everyone, regardless of creed or colour deserved the opportunity to make their mark in a growing, prosperous country, and looked towards the future with hope, and not once did I think of trying to make a new life for myself in another country.   I am sorry now that I never took that step, and wish all my friends that did, the best of luck in their new countries

Those that know me will know that I am a South African through and through, and proud of it, but the elephant in the room is that we have the wrong people steering this ship, people that after Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki have only had one goal, that that has never been this fantastic country of ours, or the people, but  to enriching themselves for their own gain, and because of this, the country suffers, even the ill-informed who continue to support that party, thinking that the promises made are going to bear fruit.

It is never going to happen, the people who are suffering the most, are the ones who  know no  better, and continue to support a lost cause, and a year down the line, they are going to be the ones worse off than ever before.

Why, because when this country changed hands in leadership, they received a country with a strong infrastructure, high possibilities, low unemployment, a fairly good Rand Dollar Exchange Rate, Foreign Investments and the future of the so called Rainbow Nation looked rosy, but not any longer because the powers that be have flushed it all down the toilet, and why, because the wrong people are at the helm, busy steering us towards the rock’s, where we stand a very good chance of being shipwrecked, and this fine country of ours, not stepping forward with pride, but will be taking another step backwards that will be equivalent to  50  years step or more.

We have a man at the helm who, if he was interviewed for a position as a cashier at a local supermarket would not get the job, why, because he does not have the necessary education, yet he and his party tries to runs our country, and yet all they  have  achieved is run it into the ground.

Look around, SAA, ESKOM, SERVICE DELIVERY, THE POST OFFICE, SABCTV, EDUCATION, CORRUPTION AND FRAUD IN GOVERNMENT SECTORS, FARM MURDERS, HIGH CRIME RATE, HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT RATE and what do you see, a structure that is not even worthy of a so called third world country.

The list just goes on and on, and everything gets swept under the ANC carpet, nothing happens and a few officials get slapped on the wrist, and get suspended, still on their fat cat salaries.

This country and the people who love South Africa need to wake up, something needs to be done to save this  rapidly sinking ship, or else we are all going to be left with nothing but the ruins of a nation, that has been brought about, not by armed conflict, but by greed and ignorance. To those who “fought in the revolution against the regime,” WAKE UP, everything you fought for is slipping away from you through the fingers of the ones that you have entrusted your future to, they do not care about you, they have what they want, POWER and with power comes wealth, have anyone of you had a share of that wealth?


Now that I have had my rant about the “State of the Nation” let me move on to something that affects the whole free world…terrorism…The cowardly attack on the people of France…it could have been any free country in the world…any country who allows and accepts these people to live within its borders is opening itself up to these attacks as these people have one objective in mind, and that is Global Domination, self sacrifice in the name of their belief…they  are power hungry, care nothing for humanity and hide behind their belief…which at the end of the day means nothing to them…for it teaches  violence. These people who hide behind masks are no better than rabid dogs and need to be hunted down and removed from the face of the earth so that this world can be a better place for all.

Extremists in any guise are dangerous…no matter what their religious background is, and religion has nothing to do with it…that is just an excuse that they hide behind…what they want is power and like any puppet there is always someone pulling the strings. The puppeteers must be tracked down and this scourge wiped from the face of this earth for they are nothing more than a bunch of killers.


The free world as we know it needs to stand up together, take a stance and remove the stain that is spreading over humanity…the time for talking is over for nothing has been achieved…let the full might of the free world crush the slugs who crawl out from under their rocks under the cover of darkness and slaughter innocent people in the name of their belief.

My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones in the Paris attack as well as others who have fallen victim to this sickness, and like any sickness, a cure needs to be found before is spreads its evil wings, and it needs to be exterminated.


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