Just a Nibble…Try It…You might like it.

The night is silent as they stare out into the darkness that surrounds them, only to be broken by the stab of light from the torch as Adele moves it from right to left and back again, searching for the source of the dogs anger, and for the thing that scaled the fence.

The silence is suddenly broken by the haunting sound of a howl; Adele plays the light towards the source, only to discover their dog, on his haunches howling at the moon.

The answering howl that comes from the darkness makes their hair stand on end.

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Through the thick foliage the figure sees the glow of a fire in the distance, and hurries forward, eager to join the others.  He breaks through into a clearing, where gathered around a fire are nine men, all rise to greet him as he makes his way forward.

“You have brought the liquid as requested.”

“Yes, I have it here with me.”

“Then, complete the ritual, drink the blood of your victim, show us that you would be one of us, swear your allegiance to the brotherhood.”

He stands in the glow of the fire, the bottle clutched in his hand.  He raises it to his lips and drinks deeply, feeling the thick liquid running down his throat, and dripping onto his naked belly.  He stands tall and proud.

“It is now done; I have tasted the life blood of man, and am now ready to take my place with my brothers.”

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The smell of death and decay fills their nostrils, and warns them that the creature is near.  Piet swings around as the creature bursts from the brush, a howl breaking from it throat as it rushes across the clearing towards them.

All three fire as one, the bullets hitting the creature, sending it tumbling into the dirt.

“Shit, he has set it lose, let’s get back to the camp.  Move ladies as if your life depends on it.”

“Piet, you idiot, our life does depend on it.”

The demon rises from the dirt, only to be brought down again as Piet fires at it.  He turns and follows Veronica and Peggy running up ahead.

A figure bursts from the bush along side where the two women are running, clutching at Veronica, but she turns, and brings her revolver down hard on its head.  Amos is sent thudding to the ground.

The demons laugh follows them as they run towards “Devils Pool.”

“You cattle can run, but you cannot hide.  For I will feed on your flesh before the day is done.”

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At the sound of a human voice, the lion raises its head, spins around, and with flattened ears and bared teeth comes like a bullet straight at David.

Despite his size, Piet moves with the agility of a cat and moves in front of David, to take the lions charge, and at the same time fires two shots into the charging killer, who is now in full charge and although both bullets hit the big cat, it did not halt him, and instead the 400 pounds of man-eater knocks Piet head over heels, sending his rifle spinning from his grasp.

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Have a great weekend everyone.


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