Tantalizing Aromas

Hi All, and once again Thank you for taking the time to visit.Lion 9 (3)

There are a lot of very enticing smells out there that appeal to a vast array of people, all with different tastes…take the smell of frying onions, one way to make the family think that you are busy with dinner…waking up to the smell of frying bacon…or the whiff of your neighbour busy with a braai/barbeque…heck even the smell of hot dogs, mixed in with candyfloss can make your mouth water in anticipation of what is to come,

BUT and as you can see this is a big BUT…

Nothing beats the smell of a new book, 12112263_1631000327150247_5470772151840623107_n       as you hold it in your hands, flick through the pages and the wonderful smell of thrills, adventure, the possibility of a roller coaster ride, with a touch of maybe romance, terror fills your head. The aroma of anticipation of what is to come fills you. You glance at the cover of the book you are holding, and you are filled with a sense of wonder, maybe just a touch of apprehension of what lies ahead of you on your journey into the world of the Author, but you also have the strong realization that what you hold in your hands, is yours…to sit back, open up and be transported into another world.

A world that has been created by the Author, a world that the Author wants to share with you, a world that has been carved out of thin air and brought to life for your entertainment.

Enjoy the aroma of a new book…after all…it’s yours to have and to hold.

If you have not yet taken the journey into the darkness, the superstition, the myth and mystery of Africa, here are the links, so you can hold and smell your own copy, and be captivated.

TBT BMOA Release clip


TBT BSitD Release clip


TBT BDR Release clip


Logo 2


Enjoy the smell of a new book…enjoy the book…and Take Care, you never know who is watching from the shadows.Lion10 (3)


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