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Hi Everyone,    downloadl1(5)

Well today it’s Sunday, and in this house the ladies plus Pooch and his small companion all get a cooked Sunday morning breakfast…by none other than yours truly…and yes, I can cook, not only over the hot glowing coals from a fire,11998888_10207225989798434_9049416613563092301_n but can also make use of modern technology, such as the electric oven, or the gas plates on the stove.

In fact I have always enjoyed cooking, and as my loving wife will tell anyone who cares to listen, “I taught him well.” Meanwhile back at the ranch, she is just glad that she does not have to slave over a hot stove.

Right, I am once again off the subject, which is Sunday Morning Breakfast. The two ladies in the house get bacon, eggs, fried tomato and toast…served too them in bed, which is a bit of a problem for me. I mean what the heck do I do on Mother’s Day, or Birthdays?

Now when Sunday comes around, and on no other day of the week, Pooch Photo0914and Fudge (his small companion) arrive in the kitchen area, they both sit at a respectable distance from the stove and watch every move I make as everything is prepared. Once they realize that I’m busy with their special breakfast, which is French toast, both move closer, just in case I drop anything. The bread is cut into cubes, soaked in milk and egg with a touch of salt and pepper, and then fried up for my canine friends, who by the way like to enjoy their Sunday morning breakfast, hot, right out of the pan.

So what can I say, I spoil the ladies in the house…oh yes you are right…I spoil the two fur faces as well…I am guilty of spoiling the ones that I love.

Now let me spoil you as well and share an awesome recipe with you that Pooch and the rest of the family enjoy…Quick & Easy Cheesy Scones

1) 250ml flour    2)  190ml milk      3)  15ml baking powder

4)  250ml or more grated cheese   5)  salt & paprika

Now you’re ready to rock n roll

Pre-heat the oven to 200 Deg C

Sift dry ingredients into mixing bowl

Add grated cheese, then add milk

Mix well and spoon into greased muffin pan

Bake for 10 to 12 minutes…You should get 12 mouth-watering scones.

Now curl up, make yourself comfortable, and get one of my books Halloweenfrom www.vhpbooktours.com  I know that you are spoilt for choice, so start at the beginning…Blood Moon over Africa will captivate you…Blood Spoor in the Dark will leave you wondering what is fact and what is fiction…Blood Demon-Revenge will have you sleeping with the light on, and The Devil in Eden will have you jumping at the slightest noise at night…oh and I hope you enjoyed the scones…let me know…Sleep Tight and Stay Safe, and REMEMBER.  11224052_1075405575804918_3075480545506251439_n


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