It’s a Drag

Hi Everyone, and welcome back.  images (67)

I really hope that you enjoy the blogs I put up, after all I am still very new to all this, and still finding my way around, maybe stumbling around in the dark so to speak, but then again I enjoy the dark…well my dark side does anyway, and I truly hope that you enjoy my dark side. Without my dark side running things, The Blood Trilogy and The Devil in Eden would never have been written. There I go off the subject at hand, and the subject is my heading…WHAT A DRAG.

Now the type of DRAG I am talking about, and I am quite sure those of you who are blessed to have a fur face aka Pooch in your family will know just what I am talking about.  Photo0914Now Pooch knows what the word WALK means, but let me tell you that once the lead is attached to said canines collar, the manners go right out the window and yours truly ends up being taken for a DRAG. We live in an area that is surrounded by bush and my Pooch is quite willing to DRAG me headlong into the nearest thicket without a second thought of what could be in there. As long as the smell is interesting, it is game on…let’s go, and to hell with the consequences.

Now Pooch has developed a fondness for the Leopard Shell Tortoise that is found in this area, and he will charge along the scent of this poor creature until he comes across it. Once said tortoise has been tracked down, he then proceeds to pick it up between his jaws and carry it home. Once home, it is deposited in a designated area that he has decided on, and from then on an eagle eye is kept on the poor creature, and woe betide if it has the audacity to move from where he put it…he will pick it up and return it to where he feels it belongs. The antics of Pooch and the Tortoise in the area are really funny. I have lost count of how many of these creatures our Fur Face has brought home, but for some reason he is fascinated by them and has turned into a collector. I think he thinks they are his “pets” just Like I’m his “property” and his “pet!”  Photo0930

Anyway, I just wanted to give you all a bit of an insight into the day of Pooch, the one who runs the house, and the one who insists on taking me for a drag.

Take Care everyone, and if you are interested in the three books that make up The Blood Trilogy, 3 cvrs on bg 2 for promo 5dor would like to take a walk in the dark with The Devil in Eden, Devil 3you can find all the links at  for all e-book formats and in Print, so if you are looking for a scary Halloween Read…LOOK NO FURTHER!…BUT REMEMBER, KEEP THE LIGHTS ON.Lion10 (3)


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