Ag Please Daddy

Aw Dad…Please can I have one of those Kindle thingies.  f

Now why would you want a Kindle Thingy my boy?

Well Dad you see, there is this guy that writes, and the chatter in the treetops is that his books are really worth reading,images (32) and well you see Dad, I really want to read his books.  The rest of the gang are already reading them, and you really don’t want me to be the odd one out do you?

Alright my boy, what is the name of this fantastic book that you just have to read?

It is called Blood Moon over Africa Dad, and they say it is scary.

Huh, scary you say, what can be scarier than this…Lion13(3)

Aw Dad stop messing around, can I please have a Kindle, it is in e-book format…I just got to have it.

I’ll tell you a secret my little cub…you don’t need a Kindle to read the book, in fact you can get Blood Moon over Africa and the follow up, Blood Spoor in the Dark in print now, which you can hold in your paws, and enjoy. In fact my boy, I believe it is something I can really get my teeth into as well, so let’s get on line, visit and order both copies right now.TBT BSitD Release clip

TBT BMOA Release clip

Hey Dad, you are really the King of the Jungle…you Rock Dad.

Shhhhh, don’t let your Mother hear you…before you know it, she will be expecting me to go out and do the hunting. Look at her just lying there with the rest of the brood. m  In fact my little cub, I am licking my lips in anticipation of getting my paws on an excellent novel.images (67)


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