Who’s The Boss

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A leading question, who’s the boss and what I am referring to is not the man or woman that signs your pay check, or lets you slip off early from work for a long weekend, but that one body at home who is always ready to greet you the minute you walk in the door, or arrives at the gate… the one body that will wait patiently for you during the hours that you are away from home, and the one body who will love you unconditionally. No matter what.

The body that I am talking about is the household pet… the hound, the dog, the pooch… the one that curls up on your sofa while you are away and then thinks to themselves when you bark at him/her to move…”Geez you’ve been gone all day long, now suddenly it’s your sofa,” Photo0064but they will give way, and allow you to sit… on their sofa.

There is a saying that goes something like this…”If you own a dog, you will never sleep alone.” Well ask me, I know… I share my bed with Pooch… he allows me to sleep in it at night, but the minute I get up in the morning for that stroll into the kitchen to make coffee, he quickly takes up his position alongside my loving wife, and settles in for the duration of the morning, head on pillow as if he owns it, and he is finally back in his rightful place. UntitledThe excuse is, he’s just keeping the bed warm for me. I have to give him credit though, he will only jump up to claim his rightful place once he is aware that I have returned to the land of the living.

Think about it… just who is the boss in the house?  You or your pet.  Maybe your pet sees you as the pet and this is where the line becomes very blurred between who is and who is not. After all take my Pooch for example… at 3pm everyday without fail and regardless of weather, I will get barked at, and he will shout out orders at me until I drag myself away from writing, take myself outside where he will hand me my leash between his teeth, allow me to attach myself to him, and then he takes me for a walk.

I say walk, but I get dragged from one side to the other while his lordship inspects this and that, with no regard of where I would like to go… sometimes I get the feeling that he is showing off his “pet” while we are out there.

He also considers himself to be a bit of a ladies’ man Photo0930as most of the ladies we come across while we are out on a drag fuss over him like mad.

Once the walk is over, I then have to feed this animal a biscuit or two… please note I get nothing out of this apart from the walk… ask yourself… who is the boss?

Over and above the bed and the walk, plus the sofa, Pooch gets fed by me, I brush him, wash him, pick up after him, give him tit bits, love him when his head is thrust onto my lap demanding a scratch behind the ears, operate as doorman when he wishes to go outside, answer his knock when he is finished, act as chauffeur to my four legged fur face when we go for a ride, pay attention to the road while he hangs out the window taking in the scenery, basically I cater to all of Pooch’s needs and demands.Photo0914

Damn, I just answered my own question… who is the boss? Looks like Pooch is the boss in this household… just don’t tell him, he would be impossible to live with.

I have to admit, he is my number one supporter when it comes to writing, and has been ever since I sat down to write Blood Moon over Africa. I tell him we are going to work, and he takes up his position under the table before I even sit down, watch’s me with his big brown eyes, until I sit, then he settles down, happy and content… his pet is working.

Truth be told, I have no problem with Pooch being the boss, now all he has to do is find a job and I will just hang around all day.images (34)

One more thing, a dog is part of the family, and sees you as part of the pack. A dog will give you its heart so take care of them, and love them. Talk to them… you will be surprised how much they understand and the love you give them will be returned tenfold. A dog is the most loyal faithful friend you will ever have, as all he/she wants from you is love.

If you have not yet had a look at my books, the first three make up The Blood Trilogy, (1) Blood Moon over Africa, (2) Blood Spoor in the Dark, and (3) Blood Demon- Revenge, plus my latest release by Vanilla Heart Publishing, The Devil in Eden which is Book One in the Piet van Zyl Adventure Thrillers, you will be able to get all the links from www.vhpbooktours.com

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2 thoughts on “Who’s The Boss

  1. They say you never own a pet, they own you. For me it’s three cats… one thinks he’s a baby, one thinks he’s a pup, and one who thinks he’s a writer and uses my keyboard whenever he can beat me to it (btw, I rarely address my emails until I am ready to send them, too many times this cat has hit the send button before I was ready!)

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