Hi Jack…No it’s Piet

Ja well, what can I say…you turn your back and suddenly you find yourself thrown into situations that you have no control over, and I tell you, that really gets me going. I mean just who does this oke, Paul Zunckel think he is that he just takes over my life, and takes me into all sorts  of adventures, damn some of them is enough to turn a blokes hair white, and I am sorry, but that is where I draw the line, and say, no more. After all I have to look my best in the business I am in; I have to fit the image of the Big White Hunter. Ja I will tell you a secret…the ladies love it.

Oh sorry man, here I go running off at the mouth, and not introducing myself, forgive me please but I am pissed at this bloody author.download.bjpg My name is Piet van Zyl, and yes I know, I have hi jacked his blog before to have my say, and I will do it again if necessary, after all, ”ń boer maak ń plan” when needed, and right now it is needed.

I mean, here I am minding my own business, fishing for Tiger Fish in the Kafue River, and suddenly I am out hunting a bloody Man-eater, can you imagine running into this in the dark?Lion 9 (3).Man I need my head read, only a hero would go out into the bush looking for a lion that has developed a taste for human prey, and let me tell you something, I am a ladies’ man, not a bloody hero, but then again I suppose I have my image to look after. Now don’t go and spoil everything and run off to Peggy with that bit of news, but it is good for business.

You know, there is a saying out there somewhere that goes like this,” If you can’t beat them, join them,” so I said to myself, “Self, this oke Paul Zunckel and Vanilla Heart Publishing are taking you for a wild ride.  I might as well not fight it, but join them…maybe then I will have a say in what happens in the future. But you never know, this bloody author has got a dark side, I’m telling you, and he scares me sometimes, after all I am just an ordinary guy.”

Having said that, and joined forces with these people, I hope that you are going to join me on these  Adventure Thrillers that I am going to be thrown into.PvZ Adventure Thriller SW series cover I have no idea what is in store for me but if the past four books are anything to go by, there is a lot of trouble coming my way.

Check out these three books 3 cvrs on bg 2 for promo 5dthat make up The Blood Trilogy, man that was scary stuff. You can get the links to all three books at www.vhpbooktours.com  and if you survive them, then join me on the hunt for the man-eater in The Devil in Eden, Logo 2I could use the company. Oh yes, the links are also available at Vanilla Heart Publishing.VHP logo left banner

Ja well, I have had my say, and from now on, I will just hold on tight, remember to breath and see where this author oke, Paul Zunckel takes me, but be warned, if I don’t like it, I am out of here. images (89)


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