The Devil in Eden

Allow me to introduce you to PvZ Adventure Thriller SW series cover

Man-Eater, the very title is enough to send a shiver of fear down the spine of anyone living in the vicinity of this animals activities, the face of pure evil Lion13(3)is conjured up into the minds of those who are directly affected, and children are hurriedly brought indoors as the light fades, windows are closed, doors are barred and they sit huddled, waiting for daylight to return, for the man-eater hunts in the dark.

Much the same as if a serial killer is active in the area. Windows are closed, doors are locked and people sit inside their homes, fearful of any knock or noise that comes to their ears, waiting for  daylight to return.

Both man-eater and serial killer hunt and stalk their prey, both have developed a taste for the kill, and in most cases, both are loners’ and both need to be hunted down, and taken out of the equation by any means possible as they both pose a very real threat to the prey that they hunt…man…the easiest prey of all.

I now invite you to join Piet van Zyl on his latest Adventure Logo 2as he hunts down a man-eater, named Devil by the locals. This is a story with many twists and turns, it will keep you turning the pages, but it will also make you get up and check that you have locked up for the night, and if you decide to sleep with the light on, who will know but you.

It takes a very special person to hunt a man-eater, someone who is prepared to put his or her life on the line to end the reign of terror with a bullet. After all it is times like this when the hunter can very easily become the hunted.

Have I got your attention?downloadl1(5)

The Devil in EdenDevil 3 is available in Print Edition as well as all e-book formats, so join the pride, imagesl7 (56)and get yourself a copy. All the links are available at www.vhpbooktours.comVHP logo left banner

There is no need to rush.bff9e26a6ad89f04cfe21687f1a2de67

Take care, and remember next time you stand at your window and look out into the dark…he could be watching you.Lion 9 (3)


A real African Thriller!

“I’d read Paul Zunckel’s Blood Moon Trilogy and was very happy to receive the ARC for The Devil in Eden from the publisher. The Devil in Eden adds to the incredible suspense and African cultural interests in those three books, with a ‘devilish’ plotline of African animals, the workings of cultural fears, and a fantastic setting of the varied sceneries of African life. Great job, Paul! I am looking forward to all the next in this series! ”

Frank Herndon


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