Darkest Africa

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To write or not to write,  that is the question, and the same applies to my blog…what I need is inspiration and guess what, I got it from Darkest Africa, and I mean that literally, we experienced one of the longest blackout that we have had, and blackouts are no stranger in this part of the world, although our power supplier refers to it as controlled power outages…the truth be told, everything is falling apart and they just cannot meet the demand, due to lots of things, like mis-management, non-maintenance, etc…Anyway I am getting off the subject…we were in the dark for just over twenty five hours with no power and I realised just how dependant we are on electricity. Cooking was not a problem; making coffee was not a problem as we just made a fire and did what we needed to do, the problem with no power was that the mobile phones could not be charged, the laptop battery only held a charge for so long, the food in the freezer was at risk, plus for over twenty four hours we had no idea what was going on in the world.

Imagine an author in this day and age not having something like the Internet, unable to get his or her work to the publisher, unable to promote their work on the social networks, unable to stay in contact with the very people who matter, the reader, the publisher, editor…the list just goes on and on and now imagine how it was done before the Internet became such a big part of our lives.images (87)

I was hog-tied during the blackout, unable to do anything, except follow Piet’s advise and “Maak ń Plan,” which I did…I made a fire in the rain, got wet, but the family had hot coffee, plus a hot meal done over the coals, and we used candles that night. In fact it was awesome living in Darkest Africa, just the right atmosphere that I needed for inspiration, and so another Piet van Zyl tale started to unfold in the dark of the night, only problem was, my Laptop was not charged, but now we are up and running once again, thank you to our service provider finally getting things right.

If you have not yet read the three books that make up The Blood Trilogy, I would suggest you take a chance and try Book One, Blood Moon over Africa, see where it takes you. You can find it at www.vhpbooktours.com with all the e-book links that you need, then when you are hooked, move along to Book Two, Blood Spoor in the Dark, and finally complete the circle by climbing into Book Three, Blood Demon-Revenge.3 cvrs on bg 2 for promo 5d

Thank you for visiting, and I wish you a very pleasant day…Take care out there and remember, there is a lot more coming out of Darkest Africa…that is when the lights are on.beauty_sunrice_african_wild_life_wallpaper_backgrounds


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